Andrew Hozier-Byrne has taken the first part of his double-barrel surname and made himself quite an impressive career so far. Hozier, as the Irish musician is more commonly known, has had a big 2014, releasing his debut self-titled album in October with his breakthrough single, Take Me to Church, making it into the top 20 in a number of countries around the world.

Hozier was inspired to create music he knew he'd like on his debut album, Hozier

But what was it like writing that song that went viral on YouTube and made it to number 2 in the US chart?

Speaking about his experience of writing it, Hozier said: "I just wanted to play around with sound in my attic and I recorded it there.

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"I also wanted to stand back and write music that reflected my influences a bit more and not be afraid to write blues songs or afraid to write folk songs."

While going back to his roots, did he imagine that by doing so he’d capture the imagination of the music-listening public as much as he has?

"I didn’t think it would be played on radio," he said. "Just because it’s not a radio pop song and it doesn’t sound like the other stuff that radios play."

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He went on: "I was very very surprised by the success of this stuff because I made a conscious decision not to write music just to impress people.

"It’s certainly encouraged me to trust myself more and trust my instincts a bit more and to go with my gut."

Take Me to Church has been nominated Song of the Year at the 2015 Grammy Awards so we’ll soon see how impressive Hozier’s instincts on this tune really were.

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