Rockers Huey Lewis & The News are heading out on tour to mark the 30th anniversary of the band's huge hit album Sports.

The Power of Love hitmakers struck the big time in 1983 with the release of their third album, which shot to the top of the U.S. charts and featured hits including The Heart of Rock & Roll, Heart and Soul and I Want a New Drug.

The record went on to sell millions, and now fans will be able to listen to the tracks live when the band hits the road for an American tour in May (13).

However, Lewis admits he's worried about the audiences' expectations, telling USA Today, "I do wonder sometimes if these days a simple concert of people on stage playing is enough, you know, without all the lasers and huge video screens. It's a little tough. It's changed. We used to be a beer-and-hot-dog band, but now we're hanging out with the wine-and-cheese set."

The trek will kick off in New Jersey on 10 May and will run through until August (13).

The band's last tour in Australia in 2010 was cancelled due to recording commitments.