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19th January 2016

Tweet: "Glenn Frey. I’m shocked. A brilliant songwriter and a really good guy. Talented, funny, cynical and sweet." Huey Lewis remembers the late Eagles rocker, who died on Monday (18Jan16).

4th November 2010

Fact: Rocker Huey Lewis was embarrassed on late-night TV in America on Wednesday (03Nov10) when he lost a contest to complete the lyrics to his own songs. The Power of Love singer went head-to-head with superfan Jimmy Kimmel on the comedian's chat show Kimmel Live! and lost 5-1 after the host beat him to the buzzer on all but one of six lyrical teasers.

29th June 2008

Quote: "I thought it would be unobtainable to get Huey Lewis to do the song, but it was way easier. It took us two days to get a song from Huey Lewis. I didn't realise you could just call him up." Funnyman Seth Rogen on landing Huey Lewis to sing the theme to his new movie PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

3rd December 2007

Fact: KNOCKED UP star Seth Rogen is hoping to persuade 1980s hitmaker Huey Lewis to pen the theme for his next film PINEAPPLE EXPRESS after telling THE POWER OF LOVE singer and frontman of THE NEWS he wants a 1985-power ballad to close the comedy.

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