Newly-wed Hugh Grant has opened up about married life in a new interview, saying he enjoys it and “should have done it before”.

Though his image as a charming bachelor has sustained most of his decades-long career in film and television, Grant has spent the last few years changing nappies and enduring sleepless nights, having fathered five children in the last seven years. Three of them he has had with Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein, with whom he tied the knot last month.

Stopping by US morning show ‘Today’ on Wednesday (June 27th) to promote his latest mini-series ‘A Very English Scandal’, he spoke to Savannah Guthrie about married life.

Hugh Grant Anna EbersteinHugh Grant with Anna Eberstein in 2017

“It's really nice. I can't pretend it isn't. I should have done it before,” he revealed. “I'm just lucky. I'm lucky," he continued. "I've got a great wife. I love her.”

He and Eberstein, who met in 2011, welcomed their third child at the start of this year, and revealed in May that they were engaged and shortly to be married.

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In addition to the three children he has with Eberstein, Grant also shares two kids with ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong, whom he met just before Eberstein and had a short relationship with. However, they briefly reunited, only to then get back together with his now-wife.

Speaking about the logistical chaos of travelling with small children, Grant said “It’s unspeakable. Then you go through that moral torment of, 'Do I actually travel with them or do I make an excuse, so they have to go with their mom or a nanny?' I've done it because you feel so smug when you get to the other end - you've done your bit.”

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