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My name is Elaine Elizabeth Shoemaker ,Dear Hugh I have watched you faithfully threw out the years , I know that you are very loving and a wonderful man , so I am asking you now . Hugh will you help me buy some ' used 'property' and a ' used ' manufactured home to live in , I wish to live off Solar and become self sufficient ,I was hit by two drunk men in a moving van , they did not stop . Not until the stop lite , the woman who was in front of me was there one moment and then she was gone , I prey for her . I have a fractured c-4 & c-5 in my neck along with a spinal cord injury from these men . The State of Oregon just will not give me any support , S.S.I , or S.S.D , what so ever ~! my Attorney and I have been threw court room after court room . It is obvious that Salem Oregon is broke..and the system is also broken..I love you for ever and always have .call me ( 503-390-4407 ) I could be your NEXT tax deduction . so what do you think ? A little is moor p/s I love to keep up with Kendra..She is so beautiful and her family ~! What a fairy tale..I wish my wish could come true..Pleas help me..

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love: baby to mama luck all good

Posted 16 years 4 months ago by possum

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