Hugh Hefner will be attempting to walk Crystal Harris up the aisle, for the second time on New Year’s Day. You may remember, we reported back in the summer of 2011 that Harris jilted her Playboy lover and called off the wedding that they had planned. Then came reports of Crystal selling off her pricey engagement ring and various reports of Hugh galavanting around with various other women (well, he IS Hugh Hefner – that bit surely was to be expected).

Over the summer of 2012, though, the couple seemed to be patching up their differences and Crystal was reported to have moved back to the Playboy mansion with Hefner. After tweeting a message recently that read “Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear future, I'm ready” and now, E! Online have confirmed the news that Hugh and Crystal plan to marry on New Year’s Day.

So, it looks as though 26 year old Crystal has decided to give things with 86 year old Hugh another go. According to TMZ, Crystal feels that the time they spent apart has given her a stronger sense of independence and the ability to stand on her own two feet. The former runaway bride posted a picture on of a ring on Twitter on Saturday (December 1, 2012) but alas, it was not “that kind of ring.” So we’ll have to wait to catch a glimpse of her new sparkler, then, it seems?