Every year around Halloween, there are ten or so pop culture costumes you just can’t avoid – this year we’re likely to see a lot of Daenerys Targaryens, the poorly thought out Amanda Bynes getup here and there, and of course the inevitable scantily clad playboy bunnies in various colors.

Hugh Hefner, Playboy Mansion
Hefner and Thicke do have a lot in common.

Speaking of bunnies, the original playboy himself, Hugh Hefner, didn’t miss out on the fancy dress action this year. Although he could have been a bit more creative - Hef went for the other trending topic this year – the 87-year-old Playboy boss and his current ladylove, Crystal Harris, decided to dress up as latex-clad Miley Cyrus and stripy Robin Thicke.

Given the subject matter of that fateful VMA performance (I know you want it, etc. etc.) the costume does seem particularly appropriate for everyone’s favorite womanizer – arguably.

The shenanigans all took place – where else – at Hef’s annual Halloween bash at the Playboy mansion this past Saturday. Harris even Instagrammed her and Hefner’s costumes, which they had gotten down to a T – including the foam finger, which Miley used to make the entire US population uncomfortable – and get everyone talking about her.


Of course, Hefner and Harris were not the only ones paying tribute to the VMA performance. Some took a more creative approach and decided to spoof Miley’s outfit – with varying success. Fashion Police host Joan Rivers ditched the high heels for once to deliver an overweight version of Miley at the VMAs. We’d argue that the fat suit wasn’t a good look for her, but at least it got the point across.