Hugh Hefner spends his evenings watching movies and playing cards rather than making love.

The 85-year-old Playboy founder dates 28-year-old and Shera Bechard and Anna Sophia Berglund, 24, but prefers to keep himself busy with movie nights and board games during the week.

He told Britain's OK! magazine: "Monday night I watch an old movie with the guys, Tuesday night I play games with my girlfriends and the girls from the Playmate House - usually dominoes or Uno. Wednesday I play Gin Rummie with the guys.

"Thursdays I go out for dinner with the girls, and weekends we have friends over for something to eat and a movie. Friday and Saturday are classic movies and Sunday is a new film."

Although Hugh still has "physical encounters" with his girlfriends, they say he has put his largely put his wild past behind him.

Shera said: "Yes there's physical attraction, and physical encounters. Back in the day, you hear stories, but Hef has calmed down a lot!"