Hugh Hefner offered marriage advice to Kendra Wilkinson.

The television personality - who lived in the 'Playboy' mansion and dated the magazine's publisher, 88, before she met her now-husband Hank Baskett - is going through a tough time after Hank allegedly cheated on her with a transsexual model.

Speaking to Kendra about the alleged affair, Hugh said: ''When all this hit the fan...unreal.

''Whatever else has happened, Hank is a good guy. He obviously f***ed up. That's human.''

The 29-year-old praised her former boyfriend, branding him ''honest and truthful''.

She said: ''If there's going to be a person I listen to in this madness, it's going to be Hef.

''Hef knows how to live this life honest, pure, truthful, happy, and I was really interested in what Hef had to say about all this.''

Meanwhile, Kendra also revealed that she had an ''epiphany'' after chatting things through with Hugh.

Speaking on an episode of 'Kendra On Top', as obtained by E! News, she said: ''When he said, 'Oh, you know, we're humans, we all make mistakes, we all f**k up' - Hef saying that to me? It was like an epiphany just hit me.

''Hef saying, 'Hank could have been set up', I'm like, 'God,' you know? These words coming from Hef were so much more powerful than anyone else could have ever said.''