Hugh Hefner had a ''mellow'' wedding anniversary celebration.

The 87-year-old media mogul and wife Crystal Harris marked one year of marriage on New Year's Eve (31.12.13) and despite hosting a party at their Playboy Mansion home, the aspiring singer insists their night wasn't too crazy.

She said: ''We celebrated at the house, because we have the New Years' party and we got married last New Year's Eve.

''I had to be up at 4am the next day for the Rose Bowl parade so we didn't go too crazy. Hef and I just hung out with our friends - and it was mellow.''

And the couple presented one another with thoughtful gifts to mark the occasion.

Crystal told Us Weekly magazine: ''He gave me two dozen roses and a really sweet card.

''I made him a scrapbook of our first year of marriage for a gift,'' she shared. ''I went to Michael's [Arts & Crafts] and got all the stuff for it. He loved it. He's the best.''

Following their wedding anniversary, Crystal, 27, made a change to her image by darkening her hair with brown highlights - but they weren't a hit with her Playboy founder spouse.

Crystal - who has now had more blonde highlights added to her locks - admitted: ''He gave me a hard time at first! I came home and said, 'Hef, how do you like my hair?' And he said, 'When's it going back blonde?' ''