Hugh Hefner is being sued for $3 billion by a woman claiming she is the reincarnation of "Venus Aphrodite Demilio".

Sheri Allred - who also says she is possessed by "the most beautifulest angel lusefer (sic)" - has filed papers at the Los Angeles Superior Court in which she claims the Playboy mogul is part of a paedophile organisation which targeted her when she was five.

In the lengthy and incoherent statement, obtained by gossip website TMZ, Sheri alleges: "Yes, sir I am asking for 3 billion dollars from Mr. Hefner. He's been after me since I was a baby. Along with a pedifile organization in L.A. When I was about 5 yrs. Old He mysteriously was underneath my bed and he grabbed my arm and said that he and forsay the Beatles and he mentioned the names of them. I asked like in my head, since I'm a hat everone in the world heres my thought's, a good way to establish peace. So I thought and said you'd better let go of my hand (sic)."

Sheri - who later insists she was "born the biggest hat in the world" - claims Hugh has ruined her life and the lives of her adopted parents.

She adds: "He's always mayed my life my adopted families lives a mess you realize he's suppose to be be the centaur of the greek gods. And since I'm really a reincarnation, I really am Venus Aphrodite Demilo the goddess. Along with roger dawson he's odyeseuos and everyone I know knows this (sic)."

In the rest of the suit, Sheri claims to be part of the "John Gotti Mafia" and says she belongs to the Gettys - the wealthy oil family.