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There's No Rush To Recast Wolverine After Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Now that we've seen Hugh Jackman's final outing as 'X-Men' mutant Wolverine in R-rated flick 'Logan', talk is of course turning to whether Fox will be looking to recast the role and slip somebody else into the shoes of the clawed superhero. He is after all a character that has brought in some mega big bucks at the box office, with March's 'Logan' enjoying $681 in worldwide takings alone following its release.

Hugh Jackman took the titular role in his final 'X-Men' flick, 'Logan'Hugh Jackman took the titular role in his final 'X-Men' flick, 'Logan'

With the film set for release on Blu-ray next week, those involved with the Wolverine character are doing promotional chats once more, and movie producer Hutch Parker who's worked with the 'X-Men' franchise for some time had something to say about those recasting rumours.

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Hugh Jackman On 'One Of The Great' Actors Patrick Stewart

Hugh Jackman Patrick Stewart

If you have ever seen them together off the set of 'Logan', you will know that Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart make very great friends indeed. After working together on the 'X-Men' and 'Wolverine' films for seventeen years, they have developed quite the bond - a chemistry obvious in their latest film 'Logan'.

LoganHugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart star in 'Logan'

'Logan' may well be the last time Hugh and Patrick play their respective roles of Wolverine and Professor X, and that only made this third and final Wolverine movie all the more intense. These characters are facing troubles they've never had before as age finally catches up with them - a factor that both the actors can relate to as they hang up their X-Men boots.

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Box Office Round-Up: The Wolverine Slices It's Nearest Competitor In Half In Walk-Over Weekend

Hugh Jackman Adam Sandler

The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman's latest vehicle to star as one of the X Men's most famous recruits; Wolverine, shot straight to the top of the US Box Office this weekend and many other film charts across the globe. Domestically, the film underachieved, taking in a lower-than-expected $55 million, however it's performance overseas gave bosses 20th Century Fox something to celebrate as it brought in roughly $86.1 million, meaning that it has already recouped it's estimated $120 million budget.

Hugh Jackman
The Wolverine underperformed in North America, but recouped it's losses overseas

In spite of the major overseas takings, with the film managing to reach the number 1 spot in 100 countries, the $55m in takings that the film brought in throughout North America is at least $10 million below expectations, and a far cry from the $85.1 million opening that the universally panned X-Men Origins: Wolverine managed to make in early May 2009. With a much better critical reception this time round, some forecasters were predicting the film to go on and beat that number, but with such an encouraging stake in the overseas market, we doubt producers will be losing too much rest over what could be a sleeper hit in the domestic market. Still, with such an underwhelming domestic take, mirroring such recently released flops as R.I.P.D., After Earth and The Lone Ranger, are these poor figures a reflection of a recession-hit economy, or of an audience no longer interested in such throwaway action films?

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US Weekend Box Office: The Wolverine Cuts The Competition Despite Critical Reaction

Hugh Jackman Famke Janssen Ryan Reynolds Jeff Bridges Vera Farmiga X-Men Hiroyuki Sanada Tao Okamoto Lili Taylor Patrick Wilson Ron Livingston

The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, has placed at number one in the US Weekend Box Office. The latest instalment in the X-Men franchise sees Wolverine a.k.a. Logan visit Japan in order to face his past. The movie continues the story of X-Men: The Last Stand in which we saw Wolverine forced to kill Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). Also starring alongside Jackman are Hiroyuki Sanada (Sunshine) and models Tao Okamoto and Rila Fukishima.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman with Tao Okamoto (L) and Rila Fukashima (R) at the London premiere of The Wolverine.

Those who have commented positively on The Wolverine have said the film creates a diverse character which "pumps some feeling into the guy along with his muscles and steel talons" (Geoff Pevere - Globe and Mail). Others, such as Toronto Star's critic Raju Mudhar, have praised the production team for ensuring the "superhero/Asian crime drama mash-up" is successful. 

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Box Office Predictions: The Wolverine Looks Like A Clear Winner In Quiet Weekend

Hugh Jackman Steve Carell

After a relatively quiet week in terms of new cinematic releases, Hugh Jackman's latest turn as James 'Logan' Howlett, aka Wolverine, is expected to shoot straight to the top of the box office chart by quite some distance. The Wolverine has few competitors capable of really challenging it for the top spot, that is unless one of last week's top five can provide a challenge, which looks increasingly unlikely to happen.

Hugh Jackman
Jackman is back as Logan/Wolverine

See all the photos from The Wolverine's London premiere

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Wolverine Set To Top A Steady Weekend Box Office

Hugh Jackman Ryan Coogler Aubrey Plaza

The weekend box office kicks off to a predictable start this week, with a predicted $65 million opening for The Wolverine and a host of other solid flicks trailing slightly behind.

Hugh Jackman, Ed Sullivan Theatre
The weekend box office appears to be in Hugh Jackman's capable hands.

After a complete turnaround in reviews, the James Mangold-directed chapter of the X-Men story is quickly shaping up to be one of the most profitable releases of the season – nowhere near Iron Man 3, of course, but that’s one benchmark that won’t be reached for a while, it would seem.

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Out This Weekend - Wolverine, Blue Jasmine Or The Do To List - What Should You See?

Hugh Jackman Cate Blanchett Steve Carell Woody Allen

This weekend’s releases include The Wolverine, Blue Jasmine and The To Do List, with The Way, Way Back and Fruitvale Station widening their scope with added theatres. Some pretty difficult decisions stand in your way tonight, so which film are you going to choose when the box office assistant says “Excuse me, what film? I need an answer.”

Hugh Jackman as The WolverineHugh Jackman as The Wolverine

The geeks choice: The Wolverine

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How Does The Wolverine Stack Up Against Other X-Men Films?

Hugh Jackman X-Men

Hugh Jackman’s latest turn as The Wolverine in James Mangold’s The Wolverine has polarized opinion; some praised the J-movie style and deliberate slow pacing, while some found it out of place and dull. But how does the latest entry into the X-Men franchise compare to the other films in the franchise?

Hugh Jackman as The WolverineJackman is enjoying his finest hour as Wolverine, somehow

Well, comparing it to the earlier entries makes from grim reading. X-Men - at the turn of the millennium - launched the movie version of the comic book in a big way, scoring at the box office and landing an 82% rating on review aggregator site, Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Wolverine Review


It's only been four years since 2009's X-men Origins: Wolverine, and it's hard to see how this film does anything to correct that film's messy plot, harsh editing and uninteresting action. This one has a much more interesting Japanese setting and some great characters, but its focus on action over depth leaves it feeling gratuitous and empty. We may be entertained by the whizzy chaos of it all, but we never feel much suspense.

It begins in Alaska, where Logan (Jackman) is still licking his wounds after the death of his lover Jean Grey (Janssen), who appears regularly to him in sexy, soft-focus dreams. Then a young woman (Fukushima) turns up, insisting that he return to Japan to see Yashida (Yamanouchi), whose life Logan saved in the A-bombing of Nagasaki. But in Tokyo, Logan finds that the near-dead Yashida wants to relieve him of his healing immortality with the help of a sinister blonde doctor named Viper (Khodchenkova). Meanwhile, Yashida's son Shingen (Sanada) is miffed that his daughter Mariko (Okamoto) is the heir to his father's fortune. And there are armies of tattooed goons and arrow-shooting ninjas chasing Logan wherever he goes.

The film has a brisk pace, barely pausing to regain its breath before plunging into another massive action set-piece. But none of these sequences stands up to even the slightest scrutiny: laws of logic and physics are abandoned as the hugely muscled Logan battles everything in sight. Even after Viper steals his powers, he still has those retractable adamantium claws, which come in handy when you're fighting tenacious thugs on top of a speeding bullet train.

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"The Wolverine" Fights Tooth And Nail For Surprisingly High Box Office Opening

Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine seems to be that rare breed – a movie with poor reviews and a projected terrible opening, that manages to claw out of the rut. As X-Men spinoffs go, Wolverine was always the perfect character to go get his own movie, without the X-Men brand attached. Though everyone loves a bit of good ol’ Professor Xavier, there’s no argument as to who the most famous mutant is. As such, The Wolverine is scrabbling for first place at the box office this weekend and is projected a $70+ million domestic opening, according to Vulture.

Hugh Jackman, Wolverine Premiere
Jackman at The Wolverine premiere - the man has a lot to smile about.

That’s a lot of cash for a movie opening this late in summer – after all, last weekend’s big winner, The Conjuring, checked in at just under $40 million. Still, The Wolverine seems to be a late bloomer for the critics, having amassed what can only be referred to as a overall slamming by the critics, only to rise up from the ashes later – and all that, before the film even saw its general release. After holding a “rotten” rating for over a week, the film is now rated as 70% “fresh” on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes – and those critics are notoriously hard to sway.

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Video - Hugh Jackman And James Mangold Discuss 'The Wolverine' At Comic-Con - Part 1

Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold talk about making the movie 'The Wolverine' at a Comic-Con press conference ahead of the film's release.

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Will 'The Wolverine' TV Spot Save Its Box Office? [Trailer & Pictures]

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

The Wolverine hasn’t even hit cinemas yet, but considering the reviews – and they’re not pretty – it’s going to take some pretty ardent superhero fans to brave a trip to see Hugh Jackman’s reincarnation as the bladed yellow wolf-man.

Hugh JackmanJackman pops those veins as Wolverine

So, in a brazen attempt to bolster those all-important box office numbers, a fancy TV spot has hit town, and you can check that mother out below. The Wolverine sees Jackman travel to a new and exotic location for the franchise reboot. Japan. There, he is offered a chance to forfeit his powers in exchange for a peaceful ‘retirement’ of sorts, but he soon finds out that’s not the case.

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Video - 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Cast And Crew Are Introduced At Comic-Con Presentation

The cast and crew of upcoming X-Men film 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' congregated for a presentation at Comic-Con in San Diego. Director Bryan Singer, writer Simon Kinberg and producer Lauren Shuler Donner were there alongside a vast ensemble cast including Evan Peters (Quicksilver), Peter Dinklage (Bolivar Trask), Nicholas Hoult (Beast), Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique), James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) and Hugh Jackman (Wolverine).

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Video - Patrick Stewart Laments Prof. X's Death While Jennifer Lawrence Misses Her Clothing In Comic-Con's 'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Q&A - Part 2

The cast and crew of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' talk about time travel, character resurrection and seventies attire in a Q & A session at Comic-Con in San Diego. Among them are director Bryan Singer, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence.

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The Wolverine - TV Spot

Logan is the mutant Wolverine who, along with a skeleton of adamantium, retractable claws and heightened senses, possesses a healing power that renders him ageless and immortal. To most, this would be a gift, but to Logan it is the biggest curse he could possibly suffer following the death of his beloved Jean Grey and his isolation from other mutants. He is visited by Mariko Yashida who takes him to Japan where her employer insists on repaying him for saving his life many years ago. Logan is offered the chance to surrender his life-saving powers in order for him to live out his life and take comfort in its natural end but, when it comes down to it, it may not have the consequences he hoped for as he is once again deceived and forced to fight to defend the name of the X-Men. Only this time, his chances are running out.

Carrying on from events in 2006's 'X-Men: The Last Stand', 'The Wolverine' returns in a more intense and testing story than ever before. It is the sequel to the 'X-Men' film series based on the Marvel comic books by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller and has been directed by James Mangold ('Girl, Interrupted', 'Walk the Line', 'Cop Land') who also co-wrote the screenplay with Mark Bomback ('Total Recall', 'Die Hard 4.0'), Scott Frank ('Minority Report', 'Marley & Me') and Christopher McQuarrie ('The Usual Suspects', 'The Tourist'). It will come to UK cinemas everywhere on July 15th 2013.

Click here to watch The Wolverine - Teaser Trailer

X-Men Steals The Show At San Diego Comic Con 2013

X-Men Ian McKellen Halle Berry Ellen Page Michael Fassbender Patrick Stewart Anna Paquin Peter Dinklage James McAvoy Shawn Ashmore Hugh Jackman Bryan Singer Jennifer Lawrence

The X-Men cast and crew appeared at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. The huge cast for the upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past appeared in Hall-H and was greeted with an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.

Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart
X-Men stars Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart at the Variety Club Showbiz Awards held at the Grosvenor House, London.

The next film will see the cast doubled (quite literally) as the mutant superheroes have to travel in time to change an event which will, if not prevented, destroy mankind. The cast appeared en masse: each taking a few moments to address the audience or in Ian McKellan's case to flirt with Michael Fassbender.

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Early Reviews For "The Wolverine" Are Torn - Is It Shallow And Senseless Or The Best Wolverine Flick Yet?

Hugh Jackman

The Wolverine – Fox’s attempt to save face after the less-than-fabulous X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie – is finally out. While critics haven’t yet had their way with it, early reviews seem to be generally favorable. The story and setting of Wolverine seem to be what everyone finds most appealing about this installment in the massive X-Men movie franchise. The film puts Logan/Wolverine in an unusual setting – pre-war Japan. He is tasked with the mission of protecting he heiress of a business empire, Mariko Yashida (Tao Okamoto), from various factions who would see her controlled. On his quest, Logan finds himself crossing Japan, from Tokyo to rural, pre-war areas, and getting involved in all kinds of physics defying action. It’s this fact that works wholly in the film’s favor, as the scenes and history of Japan, as well as the impressive Japanese cast, are attracting the highest praise.

Check out the trailer here.

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'The Wolverine' Gets All Dolled Up For New Movie - Claws And Everything

Hugh Jackman

It’s not unusual for superheroes to undergo the occasional makeover, especially in film adaptations and such is the case with the brand new, grittier look of Wolverine. The former (future?) X-Men member will get his second solo movie later this month and he’s dressed for the occasion. If you consider terrifying retractable claws “dressing up”, that is. But the claws… sorry, talons themselves, are different.

Check out the Wolverine's new claws in the trailer below.

“Yes, we retooled them a little,” The Wolverine director James Mangold said during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I found that in some of the comics illustrations that I really liked the most, they had these bevel cuts. They were faceted, that would be the best way to describe them. In the last picture, they were pretty smooth, and we decided to take it to a different direction.”

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Hugh Jackman Cuts Back On Stunts After ‘Wolverine’ On-Set Accident

Hugh Jackman James Mangold Deborra-lee Furness

Hugh Jackman says he is cutting back on the amount of movie stunts he performs himself after a nasty accident on the set of his upcoming summer blockbuster The Wolverine.

The Australian actor who earned an Oscar nomination for Les Miserables feared he had broken his neck during a scene in which his character swings out of a train carriage. Though his injuries weren’t severe, it was enough to concern wife Deborra-lee Furness who made him reassess the amount of dangerous work he performs himself.

“In the film, there's a scene where I swing from inside to outside a train and my neck got caught. I thought I had broken it.

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Hard-Hitting Crime Drama 'Prisoners' Sees Hugh Jackman On Top Form [Trailer]

Hugh Jackman Jake Gyllenhaal Maria Bello Viola Davis Terrence Howard

The trailer for Denis Villeneuve's hard-hitting crime-drama Prisoners has rolled out online, showing Hugh Jackman in his first post-Les Miserables role, and a good one at that. The Australian plays Keller Dover, a regular guy from Boston whose life is turned upside down after his young daughters go missing.

Watch the Prisoners trailer:

Panic ensues as Keller and his wife (Maria Bello) scour the neighbourhood in search of their children, though the only clue is a banged up RV parked nearby. A young detective played by Jake Gyllenhaal gets the case and makes an arrest on an assuming man who is the driver of the vehicle, though with no solid evidence and no sign of the girls, he is forced to release the suspect. Keller subsequently takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the suspect in a bid to extract information. 

Though you've seen the plot - or something similar - a million times, Prisoners looks an entertaining piece of cinema about the horror of one of the worst situations a parent could possibly go through. Directed by BAFTA nominated Villeneuve and writer by Contraband scribe Aaron Guzikowski, Prisoners hits theaters in the U.S. on September 20, 2013 and in the UK on October 4, 2013. The supporting cast includes Viola Davis and Terrence Howard

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Prisoners Trailer

Keller Dover is just a regular guy from Boston who goes with his wife Grace and six-year-old daughter Anna to their neighbours' house on what seems like a routine social occasion. No parent blinks an eye when Anna asks if she can take the neighbours' daughter Joy to their house to play, but when there's no sign of them back home later on, panic ensues as the families scour the nearby streets trying to find their precious children. The only clue as to what may have happened to them lies with a banged up RV that had been parked nearby. When young Detective Loki gets involved with the case, he manages to make an arrest on the driver - a seemingly timid and quiet young man called Alex Jones. However, with no solid evidence against him for the cops to keep him in custody in the case for the missing girls, they are forced to release him after 48 hours. Keller, angry with the verdict and fearing for the life of his daughter who he believes is still alive, decides to embark on his own investigation and kidnaps Alex at gunpoint in an attempt to extract information. Though through his panic and frustration in his quest to find his daughter, he may lose himself along the way.

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Video - Hugh Jackman On What He Loves About Playing The 'Tough Guy' In Twitter Chat Promoting New Movie 'The Wolverine'

'X-Men' star Hugh Jackman talks about his new movie 'The Wolverine' in a Twitter chat. He answers questions about the best things about playing the character, how much training goes into it and the sort of action we can expect to see.

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Family Of Hugh Jackman's 'Razor Stalker' Grateful For Star's Compassion

Hugh Jackman

Relatives of Hugh Jackman’s stalker Katherine Thurston have thanked the Hollywood actor for refusing to speak out publicly in criticising the mentally ill woman for her pursuit of him – something that has apparently been going on for years.

Thurston is currently in prison on charges of menacing, stalking, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon. She’s being held on $15,000 bail, which her family have said they won’t pay out. Thurston previously approached Jackman’s wife Deborra-Lee Furness and told her she was going to marry Jackman. The breaking point came when she turned up at Jackman’s gym with an electric razor full of her pubic hair and declared her love for him.

Talking to the New York Post, a relative said “Thank goodness Hugh Jackman is taking the high road,” pointing out that that the star had been shy in coming forward with any admonishment or blame. “He could have blown the situation up for publicity, but he seems to understand the situation” they added. “We are so thankful to him for keeping the focus on her mental health and not criticizing her or making fun of her. He seems like he is trying to help.” Jackman returned to his gym this week after the incident, and told press “My main concern is for my family, [and] I hope she gets the help she needs.”

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Hugh Jackman's Workout Interrupted By 'Electric Razor' Stalker

Hugh Jackman Les Miserables

Hugh Jackman's workout at a New York gym didn't exactly go to plan on Saturday (April 13, 2013). Sure the 'Wolverine' star got in his weight training, but he was also chased by a crazed stalker carrying an electric razor - probably not his idea of a warm down. "He was more alarmed than scared," publicist Alan Nierob told CNN.

A woman allegedly screamed "I love you," as she chased the Hollywood actor at the gym. Manhattan resident Katherine Thurson, 47, was charged with stalking Jackman, according to New York Police spokesman Sgt. Tom Antonetti. The Les Miserables actor had previously seen the woman outside of his home and at his daughter's school, though Saturday's incident was the most dangerous yet. Ms Thurson managed to slip past security at the gym and headed straight towards Jackman. "The razor fell out of her hands when I stepped in between them," trainer Mike Castle said. The actor asked Thuston not to touch him, though security quickly arrived and apprehended Thurson on the street. According to Castle, Jackman had the situation completely under control, "(He's) a super nice guy," the instructor added.

Jackman was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, eventually losing out to Daniel Day-Lewis. However, he did scoop the Golden Globe for best performance by an actor in a musical or comedy motion picture, for the same role.

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Hugh Jackman Stalker Hurls Razor At Him In New York Gym

Hugh Jackman Wolverine

We’ve never really had a stalker, but we always imagine it to be a little bit scary, but mostly a lovely ego boost. Hugh Jackman’s stalker/fan was just plain terrifying though, lobbing a razor at him, with pubic hair all over it…

It’s enough to make you quit the movie business, right Jackman? Well probably not. The Australian star described the incident as "frightening" and said his "primary concern" is "obviously" for his family. The woman allegedly screamed "I love you" as she chased the actor with an electric razor while he was at a New York City gym Saturday. "He was more alarmed than scared," publicist Alan Nierob told CNN on Sunday (April 14). He added that Jackman thought the woman was grabbing for a weapon. According to The New York Daily News, this woman is called Katherine Thurston and is 47 years old. She allegedly told NYPD cops a couple months ago: “I want to marry him. This is not against the law. It is not against the law to have two wives."

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, who is not his stalker

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Turning Japanese: 'The Wolverine' Sees Hugh Jackman In Asia (Trailer)

Hugh Jackman James Mangold

The latest trailer for James Mangold's The Wolverine will be a feast for the eyes to Marvel fans eagerly anticipating their latest slice of Hugh Jackman action. Set in modern-day Japan, the movie sees Jackman's character encounter a considerable enemy from his past who will ultimately impact on his future.  After alienating himself from his X-Men peers and being forced to kill his true love Jean Grey, the Wolverine is feeling a little down on his luck, so much so that he abandons his superhero identity.

However, when Logan is approached by Mariko Yashida who takes him to Asia, he enters yet another battle to the death. It's the sequel to the X-Men film series based on the Marvel comic books by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller and roughly follows the timeline of events since 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand. 

Continue reading: Turning Japanese: 'The Wolverine' Sees Hugh Jackman In Asia (Trailer)

The Wolverine - Teaser Trailer

Logan's mutant ability to survive almost anything is beginning to take its toll. After alienating himself from his X-Men peers and being forced to kill the love of his life Jean Grey to save everyone else, he feels he has nothing left to live for. Immortality has become a curse, so much so that even the most dangerous of proposals to make him mortal are tempting. He attempts to abandon his Wolverine identity, but he is approached by Mariko Yashida who takes him to Japan where her employer, who is on his death bed, wants to repay him for saving his life by offering him a cure for his mutant powers. However, as he enters into yet another battle to the death, it becomes obvious that his newfound vulnerability is a force to be reckoned with as, while eternal life forced him to face the emotional trauma of the past, mortality forces him to face the biggest torment of his life as the limits of his body and soul are truly tested. 

'The Wolverine' is a sequel to the 'X-Men' film series based on the Marvel comic books by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller and follows the timeline of events from 2006's 'X-Men: The Last Stand'. It has been directed by James Mangold ('Girl, Interrupted', 'Walk the Line', 'Cop Land') who co-wrote the script alongside Mark Bomback ('Total Recall', 'Die Hard 4.0'), Scott Frank ('Minority Report', 'Marley & Me') and Christopher McQuarrie ('The Usual Suspects', 'The Tourist'). See this stunning superhero action flick as it hits cinemas on July 26th 2013.

Click here to Watch - The Wolverine - TV Spot

New Trailer Revealed For The Wolverine; Is He Becoming Mortal? (Trailer)

Hugh Jackman

Finally the new trailer for the film The Wolverine has been revealed, and it shows Hugh Jackman playing his beloved metal claw wielding mutant character … but with a difference.

The story of The Wolverine takes place in Japan, which as readers of the X-Men comics will know, is a country synonymous with the character. So it turns out that back in World War II, Wolverine managed to save a man’s life from the atomic blast of the Hiroshima bomb by shielding him in a hole. You’d have thought the nuclear fall out would have still got him, but apparently not. Anyway, years and years on this man is now old and frail, but has been a hugely successful man who can offer Wolverine something he’s always wanted – a mortal life.

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Oscars 2013 – Les Miserables Cast Sang For Their Roles In The Film

Anne Hathaway Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Tom Hooper Les Miserables Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences

Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe are all well-respected actors, who’ve carved out hugely successful careers. But that didn’t mean they got a free pass into Les Miserables – no – they had to audition, and by that we mean sing, like everybody else.

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe at the Australian premiere of 'Les Miserables'Tom Hooper at London Fashion Week

Hugh Jackman & Russell Crowe (left) and Les Mis Director, Tom Hooper

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Catherine Zeta-Jones And Jennifer Hudson Will Bring Back The Sequins And Glitter At The Oscars

Catherine Zeta Jones Jennifer Hudson Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence

Some big names have been added to the Oscar performers list this year – people like Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and the cast of Les Miserables will be joining already announced performers, including the cast of Les Miserables and some other massive names.

You might be sensing a pattern here. That’s right, this year’s Academy awards will be paying tribute to one of Hollywood’s most beloved format of the past decade – the good ol’ musical. The performances will highlight some of the most successful film musicals of the past ten years, including Dreamgirls, Chicago and of course Les Mis. That list of performers is beginning to make a whole lot more sense, right?

The show’s producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, made the announcement about the show’s theme last month and since then more and more performers have steadily been added to the list. We are pleased to have been able to amass so much talent to create the celebration of musicals of the last decade that we envisioned,” Zadan and Meron said in a joint statement.

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Hugh Jackman Rumours Denied By Jackman AND His X-Men Producer

Hugh Jackman Les Miserables

With all these Hugh Jackman rumors flying about (and they have been for years) Jackman himself has decided to speak out in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. 

But he doesn't relay the toll those rumors have on his life, but rather his wife of 16 years. "Just recently, it bugs her," he said of the media questioning his sexuality. "She goes, 'It's big. It's everywhere!" Jackman's X-Men producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, denied the rumors a touch more emphatically. "I have seen him with Deborra since the beginning of their trip to Hollywood, and I've been on five movie sets with him and have never seen him stray, have never seen him eye anyone," Donner explained. "I met him when he did 'Oklahoma!' [at London's Royal National Theatre in 1999]. He was genuine, hugely talented. He was in love with his wife that day and still is."

Aside from his sexuality, which really is no one's business, there is actual news in the Jackman camp. He and his Les Miserables cronies will be waiting with baited breath come this Sunday, 24th Feb, as he's up for Best Actor and Les Mis is up for best film. They'll be facing stiff competition from Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, as he and his film are amongst the hot favourites to take the top prizes.  

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Daniel Day-Lewis Saves The Day: Where Did It All Go Wrong For 'Lincoln'?

Daniel Day Lewis Hugh Jackman Steven Spielberg Ben Affleck

Ahead of the BAFTA's in London on Sunday evening, there were quiet murmurings of a huge upset. Could Daniel Day-Lewis really be beaten in the category of Best Actor? In his home country? Rumours that Les Miserables was going to wipe the floor with the competition led to speculation that Hugh Jackman would usurp Day-Lewis and take the top acting gong. In the end, it was the Best Actress category that threw up the evening's biggest shock - Emmanuelle Riva winning for Amour, over Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain.

Late last year, Steven Spielberg's historical epic Lincoln was the MASSIVE favourite to win Best Picture at the Oscars on February 24, 2013. Daniel Day-Lewis was the frontrunner for Best Actor, Sally Field was the strong favourite for Best Actress and Tommy Lee Jones was way ahead of the competition for Best Supporting Actor. Only two of those favourites remain, with Field almost certain to lose out to Lawrence or Chastain and Lincoln itself now the outsider for Best Picture, behind the strongly fancied Argo.

It seems the Academy did Steven Spielberg a massive favour by snubbing Ben Affleck in the category of Best Director. The multi-Oscar winner is likely to scoop the award, though will a couple of gongs seem like a hollow victory should Argo win the major prize?

Hugh Jackman's Wife Has Him Wear Film Costumes In The Bedroom

Hugh Jackman Deborra-lee Furness

According to 'X-Men' star, Hugh Jackman, his wife is a big fan of him bringing home his movie costumes and wearing them in the bedroom. The actor, who appeared in 'Les Misérables' in 2012 and will star in 2013's 'The Wolverine', stated that his wife, Deborra-lee Furness, uses his costumes as a way to indulge in fantasy's that she is having a relationship with another man. 

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In an interview with The Sun, Jackman stated: ''She likes me coming home in costume because it makes her feel like she's having an affair. She's eight years older than me, which is no big issue, and is a fantastic actress who has taught me a lot.'' Despite being one of the most recognisable faces in Hollywood, Jackson reports that his wife ensures he stays grounded in reality and doesn't start getting too big-headed.  

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SAG Awards Tonight: Who'll Win What?

Daniel Day Lewis Hugh Jackman Joaquin Phoenix Jennifer Lawrence Tommy Lee Jones Bradley Cooper Robert De Niro Sally Field

The Screen Actors Guild Awards is tonight (Jan 27) and it looks like it could be a close one. What's more, the SAG Awards usually offer a good indication of who will win what at the 'big one' that is the Academy Awards in February. So who'll win what? Here's our prediction of who may emerge victorious at tonight's ceremony.

Best Actor: Ok, this is a bit of a no-brainer. With a Golden Globe and just about every other award under the sun already in his possession, Daniel Day-Lewis looks like the clear favourite to take home the top award. With Cannes winner Joaquin Phoenix not even on the shortlist, it looks like Golden Globe winner Hugh Jackman might be his only competition for the award, but it probably wont be much of a contest.

Best Actress: Again, this one might be a bit of a predetermination, but Jennifer Lawrence is looking like the favourite to take home the top acting prize for the ladies. Even though she's battling pneumonia at the moment, it is believed that she'll show up anyway and with that kind of determination then frankly she deserves the award.

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Movie 43 Review


A collection of random shorts that focus mainly on idiotic male behaviour, this portmanteau comedy is only occasionally amusing, never making anything of its astonishing cast. Frankly, we spend most of the time wondering how the filmmakers lured these A-listers to appear in these pointless, nasty little films. And while the premises have potential, not a single one has a decent punchline.

As a prank, two teens make up a banned online film called Movie 43. While their brainly little brother searches for it, he runs across a series of clips that mainly focus on awkward vulgarity between the sexes. Bitter exes (Culkin and Stone) have a rude exchange that's broadcast on a supermarket sound system. Pratt is shocked when his girlfriend (Faris) asks him to "poop" on her, and agrees because he loves her. Parents (Watts and Schreiber) homeschool their teen son (White) with the goal of showing him how excruciating life will be. Two pals (Scott and Knoxville) kidnap a leprechaun (Butler) who's reluctant to give them his gold. And a 1950s basketball coach (Howard) tries to convince his players that they're winners because they're black.

Others are dating scenarios: Winslet goes on a blind date with a guy (Jackman) who has testicles on his neck; Berry and Merchant play an increasingly deranged game of Truth or Dare in a Mexican restaurant; a pre-teen (Bennett) can't cope when his young date (Moretz) has her first period; Batman (Sudeikis) messes up Robin's (Long) attempt at speed-dating; Banks struggles to cope with her new boyfriend's (Duhamel) obsessive cartoon cat. There are also a few random advert spoofs, including one for the naked-woman shaped iBabe, which leads to trouble for the company CEO (Gere).

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Lincoln's Daniel-Day Lewis To Outdo Brando, Penn, Hanks With Oscar Win

Daniel Day Lewis Marlon Brando Hugh Jackman Denzel Washington Joaquin Phoenix Tom Hanks Nick Nolte Steven Spielberg

Daniel Day-Lewis will make Oscar history on February 26, 2013, when - as expected - he takes the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Steven Spielberg's critically acclaimed Lincoln. Should Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Joaquin Phoenix or even Denzel Washington steal away the gong, it would almost certainly represent the biggest Best Actor shock since Robert Benigni somehow usurped Tom Hanks and Nick Nolte to the award in 1999. Though Jack Nicholson was considered the favourite, Day-Lewis could have had another award in 2003, (Gangs Of New York) had Adrien Brody not upset the apple-cart for his role in The Pianist.

As 'Lincoln' prepares to hit screens in the UK, critics have seized the opportunity to laud Day-Lewis' performance - "legend", "genius" and "one of the greats" are words and phrases found in almost every review. Ian Nathan of Empire Magazine said, "As unexpected as it is intelligent, thanks to virtuoso work from Spielberg and Kushner, Lincoln is landmark filmmaking, while Day-Lewis is so authentic he pulls off that stovepipe." Matthew Turner of ViewLondon said, "Impressively directed and superbly written, this is an absorbing and enjoyable political drama with an Oscar-worthy central performance from Daniel Day-Lewis." Shaun Munro of What Culture agreed, writing, "Daniel Day-Lewis gives yet another performance for the ages in Steven Spielberg's admirably literate, thoroughly charming biopic."

Daniel Day Lewis, Oscars 2008Daniel Day Lewis, Nine Premiere

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Les Miserables Cast To Perform Live At The Oscars

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Eddie Redmayne Samantha Barks

This year biggest musical event (after the series finale of Glee, of course), the film adaptation of Les Miserables, will continue its already impressive run during the Academy Awards ceremony next month when the stars of the film take to the stage to perform songs from the hit musical.

The film's stars Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, who both have Oscar nominations for their roles in the film, will be making their second appearance at the annual awards ceremony together, having hosted the event together in 2009. Both stars won Golden Globes last Sunday for their performances in the movie, which has a total of eight nominations for the Oscars.

Hathaway and Jackman are expected to be joined by fellow stars Eddie Redmayne, who plays Marius, and Samantha Barks, who plays Eponine, however it has not yet been made clear what songs the ensemble will perform on the night.

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Beefcake Or Photoshopped? Hugh Jackman Looking Pumped In The Wolverine Movie Still

Hugh Jackman Dwayne Johnson

A brand new still from The Wolverine has been released and Hugh Jackman is looking more pumped than ever. According to the Daily Mail, Jackman had to lose a significant amount of weight when he took on the role of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, but the Aussie actor has bulked right back up again. You’d be forgiven for thinking that those pectoral musicals had been Photoshopped on, they’re so huge but actually, this wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen Jackman looking pumped.

In previous X Men movies, Hugh has had to work out prior to filming, to get his body in shape for the super hero movies but this time – seen in the still in a fit of rage and glowering at something off camera – he’s looking even bigger than ever. The movie, The Wolverine is the latest in a series of X Men films and this will be the seventh time that Jackman has played Wolverine (he’ll make it an eighth in the forthcoming X: Men Days of Future Past.) Jackman reportedly had to eat 6,000 calories a day, consisting of mainly chicken, steak and brown rice and he even sought the advice of professional wrestler and actor DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON on the best way to get into the right shape for the movie.

The Wolverine is scheduled for release in July 2013. In the meantime, Jackman can be seen in Les Miserables, for which he has been nominated for an Oscar.  

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Golden Globes 2013 Gossip: Hugh Jackman Nearly Quit Les Miserables!

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway

Well he'll be glad he didn't considering it got him his first Golden Globe, but backstage at the ceremony, Hugh Jackman revealed he nearly quit his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, according to

"Honestly, there was a moment where I was considering pulling out [of the film]," he explained backstage at the Globes. "...I'd just had a bad day at rehearsals and all I kept hearing was all the other great people that played the role, and I said, 'I'm going to do 'em a favor; I'm going to pull out now; someone else should take it.'" To his rescue, though, came his wife, who talked him out of being such a baby, and getting back to work. "[My wife] took me off that ledge, and she was right," Jackman dramatized. "Thank you, baby. Thank you for always being right. I'll never doubt you again," he added, also winning the award for the soppiest fella there. "I sort of weirdly knew that going in, whether I was good at it or not," he said. "As a role, 'Jean Valjean' is like a 'Hamlet.' So, it's probably why I was so terrified."

Les Miserables was named best musical or comedy at the 2013 Golden Globes, while Jackman and Anne Hathaway claimed acting prizes. The film's success could boost its chances at the Academy Awards come February, although it'll have to beat out strong favourite Lincoln

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Les Miserables Review


Starting at full-emotion and never wavering for a moment, this huge movie adaptation of the long-running stage musical wears us out with its relentlessly epic approach. OK, so neither the musical nor Victor Hugo's source novel could be accused of being understated, but director Hooper (The King's Speech) never even tries to find a moment of quiet feeling here. The result is thrillingly moving, making the most of the soaring anthems that fill the show. But it's also pretty overwhelming.

The story starts in 1815 as convict Jean Valjean (Jackman) finishes 19 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. His parole officer Javert (Crowe) vows to keep an eye on him, but Valjean slips away and, after a redemptive encounter with a priest, eventually reinvents himself as an upstanding businessman. He tries to help fallen woman Fantine (Hathaway), rescuing her daughter Cosette (Allen, then Seyfried) from her greedy foster parents (Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter). Years later, Valjean and Cosette move to Paris, where a young revolutionary (Redmayne) falls for Cosette just as the 1832 student uprisings break out. And Javert is still determined to recapture Valjean.

Hooper maintains the play's operatic style, in which the dialog is sung-through in between the big numbers. And we're talking about massively emotional power ballads here, performed to wrenching effect. Hathaway's one-take rendition of I Dreamed a Dream is the kind of breathtaking scene that wins Oscars. Jackman's voice wavers and cracks beautifully as he holds the story together. Marks delivers a belting version of the soulful On My Own. Redmayne nearly steals the show with his soaring tenor voice and wonderful acting chops. Baron Cohen and Bonham Carter provide some raucously overwrought comical relief. And Crowe gets away with Javert's big musical moments because he has the acting power to back up his oddly thin voice.

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British Awards Season Begins With The Unsurprising Nominations At The Baftas

BAFTA Jennifer Lawrence Quentin Tarantino Ben Affleck Kathryn Bigelow Steven Spielberg Jessica Chastain Michael Haneke Hugh Jackman Joaquin Phoenix Daniel Day Lewis Bradley Cooper Ang Lee

As awards season kicks off, today with the BAFTA nominations and tomorrow with the Golden Globe award ceremony, actors, actresses, directors and producers everywhere will be biting their nails and praying for a win from at least one of the big three coming up, the aforementioned two, of the Oscars, nominations for which will also be released tomorrow. 

There are very few surprises in the BAFTA nominations as this year has some clear stand-out offerings to the trade, and as announced by Alice Eve and Jeremy Irvine, here's the low down on the biggest prizes. 

Nominations for best film are the big five: Argo, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty. Despite BAFTA being a British institution, there's not a British film in sight (except Les Mis, but the majority of leads aren't from the fair isle). Luckily, however, there's a whole separate award for Brits. In that list, the contenders are Anna Karenina, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (that was 2012? it seems so long ago), Les Miserables, Seven Psychopaths and a much deserved Skyfall

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Russell Crowe 'Doesn't Disagree' With Adam Lambert's Les Miserables Criticism

Russell Crowe Adam Lambert Hugh Jackman Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway

We could hardly bring ourselves to visit Russell Crowe's Twitter page when first hearing that he'd responded to Adam Lambert's criticism of Les Miserables. We assumed the boisterous Australian would take apart the former American Idol star inch-by-inch, so imagine our surprise when the actor appeared to agree with Lambert.

The singer had initially taken to Twitter after seeing the film, telling his two million followers, "Les Mis: Visually impressive w great Emotional performances. But the score suffered massively with great actors PRETENDING to be singers." In fact, his thoughts on the movie mirrored those of the critics, who gave the film generally positive reviews, though nothing out of the ordinary. Lambert added, "I do think it was cool they were singing live - but with that cast, they should have studio recorded and sweetened the vocals.The industry will say 'these actors were so brave to attempt singing this score live' but why not cast actors who could actually sound good?" Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried have singing experience, though the likes of Crowe and Anne Hathaway were effectively debuting their singing voices for the first time. Crowe, who plays Javert in the epic based on Victor Hugo's novel, tweeted in response, "I don't disagree with Adam. Sure it could have been sweetened, Tom Hooper wanted it raw and real, that's how it is." MASSIVE anti-climax.

Les Miserables - described by Rolling Stones' Peter Travers as "perfectly marvellous" - is likely to score numerous Oscar nominations in the January 10 announcement. 

Tom Hooper's Les Miserables: Making Something New Out Of The Old

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Russell Crowe Tom Hooper

There is always some enormous risk in remaking well loved stories, be they originally films, plays, television series or literature. There will always be hype and there will always be people who prefer the original, think the film ruined the book, consider the remake redundant or those who simply don't like it. Along with all of these risks, movie makers also come across the problem of how to remake something while at once being true to the original and yet also being able to make their own mark on it. Tom Hooper has managed to tread these very lines well with his latest movie, Victor Hugo's Les Miserables.

Les Mis was loved even before it was published. Hugo was already a much adored poet and when the first of the five volumes were published in 1862 it had sold out in Paris within two days. With it's award winning and long running musical that has delighted theatre audiences for decades, the popularity Les Miserables has managed not to fade. Speaking to Time, Hooper explained his decision to include the brand new song, 'Suddenly', for Jean Valjean and performed by Hugh Jackman. "There's an inspiring line in the book" he says, "that goes something like... 'The bishop had taught him virtue. Cosette taught him the meaning of love'... these two epiphanies [are] the central transformative moments. The musical nails the first one but the second one is kind of underwritten." Adding, "So I took this wonderful paragraph and asked Claude Michel and Alain Boublil [the writer and lyricist], 'Can you write me a song about what it is like to fall in love with a child, to experience parental love out of nowhere?'" And they did.

So far responses to the song have been fairly positive, despite the mixed reviews it's been receiving, with Time's own review naming Hooper's direction 'bad', while Variety has said it would "have made Victor Hugo proud". Starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baren Cohen and introducing the adorable and talented Isabelle Allen as the young Cosette, Les Miserables will be in cinemas nationwide on January 11th.

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Jokers! Hugh Jackman And Russell Crowe Fool Around At Les Miserables Premiere Down Under

Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Tom Hooper Amanda Seyfried Anne Hathaway Rupert Murdoch

Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe entertained the crowds at the Les Miserables premiere in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday (December 20, 2012), laughing and joking while also pretending to race each other down the red-carpet! Tom Hooper's big screen adaptation of the musical based on Victor Hugo's classic novel has received cautious praise from critics, though Jackman's performance in particular came in for specific fanfare.

Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Les MiserablesBrothers in Arms: Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe Light Up The Red Carpet In Sydney, Australia

Speaking to The Australian, Jackman admitted that musicals aren't for everyone, "When it doesn't work, it stinks to high heaven, musical theatre. It can be very phoney. If it's not done well, it doesn't affect you in any way. I think musicals are the Mount Everest of moviemaking - I don't think there's anything more difficult to pull off."

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Has Tom Hooper Soiled 'Les Miserables' With Bad Direction?

Tom Hooper Anne Hathaway Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

Les Miserables may well score a plethora of Oscars at the Academy Awards in February, though it won't be on the back of critical acclaim. Sure, the movie has received its fair share of strong reviews, though a fairly average 71% on Rotten Tomatoes is enough to suggest that not everyone thinks the big budget project starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe has worked.

Richard Corliss of TIME Magazine was the most biting in his criticism, though directed most of his venom towards director Tom Hooper, who scooped the Oscar of Best Director for The King's Speech a couple of years ago. "Tom Hooper's problem is soiling good projects with bad direction. Even if his Les Misérables wins as many Oscars as The King's Speech did, it's a habit he really needs to correct," he wrote. Ouch. Catherine Shoard of The Guardian seemingly had a terrible experience sitting through the musical-drama, "By the end, you feel like a piñata on the dancefloor: empty, in bits, the victim of prolonged assault by killer pipes," she said. The Village Voice's Scott Foundas had sympathy with the British director, suggesting, "The moist-eyed storybook romanticism of the source material proves resilient to [Hooper's] efforts."

Despite the mixed reviews, Les Miserables has emerged as the second favorite to win the Oscar for Best Picture, though Steven Spielberg's Lincoln is expected to take that honor come 2013.

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Les Miserables Lap Dance! Hugh Jackman And Amanda Seyfried "Grind It Out"

Hugh Jackman Amanda Seyfried

Seems as though the Les Miserables cast got closer than we thought! Speaking on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno last week, Hugh Jackman revealed how he gave Amanda Seyfried a birthday lap dance!

"I don't know if you had heard, but I had done one for Barbara Walters all those years ago.Very steamy," he told Leno, "It had been a while and I had promised never to do it again, but Amanda's birthday was the night of one of the premieres for the movie in New York, so I was singing her 'Happy Birthday." Can you guess where this is going? Yep, Jackman opted to bust out some of his Tony award winning dance moves, "Really, she's the naughtiest, cheekiest girl," he said. Seyfried had already told E! News that she barely remembers the dance, though Jackman confirmed he "started grinding it out for her", adding, "She seemed happier, I don't know."

The Australian star received a Golden Globe nomination last week, describing it as "the best 5.45am wakeup call I've had in all my life." The veteran theater actor told Ellen DeGeneres "Immediately after I found out I went back to sleep and actually had the best two hours from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. I've ever had in my life."

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Les Miserables Becomes Oscar Favourite After Golden Globe Nods

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Tom Hooper Daniel Day Lewis Ben Affleck Steven Spielberg Jennifer Lawrence

Les Miserables has become the favourite to win Best Picture at the Oscars after being nominated for four prizes at the Golden Globes - a key barometer for the Academy Awards. Lead stars Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway received acting nods, Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boublil are shortlisted for their song 'Suddenly', while the movie itself is shortlisted for Best Motion Picture (Comedy and Musical).

Largely shot at Pinewood studios, Tom Hooper's Les Miserables cost around £38 million and featured the actors singing every song live on set. Speaking to the BBC after the Golden Globe nominations were announced, The Kings Speech director said, "I'm just pleased for the whole team who made Les Miserables. Making a musical is an intensively collaborative type of film-making, because it requires such an army of people. An army who aren't there on a conventional movie. The singing teachers who helped the cast, through to the onset pianists who played in the live duets with the singers." Though musicals and comedies are often ignored by the Academy, Les Miserables has been installed as the 9/4 favourite to snatch the Best Picture Oscar away from the hands of Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg in February. Hugh Jackman is now the third favourite to win Best Actor, though it would a huge shock should Daniel Day-Lewis not win the award for his turn as Abraham Lincoln. Anne Hathaway is favoured for an Oscar nomination, though the bookmakers still firmly believe Jennifer Lawrence will win Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.

Les Miserables hits theaters in the U.S on Christmas Day, with a UK release following on January 11, 2013. 

Lucky 13 For Hugh Jackman As He Celebrates Golden Globe Nod And Hollywood Star On Same Day

Hugh Jackman

The number 13 might be unlucky for some, but actor Hugh Jackman will likely remember Thursday, December 13 2012 for some time indeed. The X-Men star enjoyed a great day in Hollywood as he woke up in the morning to find himself nominated for a Golden Globes award, and then strolled on down to the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame to be celebrated as the 2487th person to gain a star on the pathway.

It’s been a terrific week in general for Jackman; as well as his Golden Globes nod, he also received a Screen Actors Guild nomination earlier in the week – both for his performance in the forthcoming Les Miserables – and he was in understandably chipper spirits as he spoke to E! News. "It's kind of a surreal day," Jackman said. "I'll probably always remember Thursday, December 13 and I think I'm either going straight from here to buy a lottery ticket or to a casino because it just feels like someone is looking down on me in a very nice way at this moment.”

Of course, nominations are one thing, but winning the prizes themselves are another, and Jackman couldn’t resist a sly look ahead to the biggest awards of them all: the Oscars. "I'm excited” he said. “The star is right here outside where I got to host the Oscars and if the movie gets nominated [for an Oscar], it'll be nice to get up there and show a little bit of the show to everybody." You wouldn’t bet against him on this form!

High Point For Hugh Jackman With A Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hugh Jackman Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried

Hugh Jackman has had a good week, or at least a good day, as he got nominated for a Golden Globe and received his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday.

The Aussie actor just recently premiered his new film, the screen adaptation of Les Miserables (it’s pretty good, we hear) and is already being touted for an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Jean Valjean. Can you tell we’re in the midst of award season by now? A star on the Walk of Fame is a pretty big deal, your name written in stone in downtown Hollywood and all, but Jackman accepted it with the traditional modesty "This is quite a ride... It's a surreal experience. I'm a kid from the suburb of Barunga, on the northern side of Sydney... This is completely surreal," he said, quoted by AFP.

The 44-year-old actor accepted the honor in the company of his Les Mis co-stars Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway, as well as his wife and two children. He joked about using the award plate as a parenting technique: “Say 10 years from now, when they're remembering all the things I did wrong, it's gonna save a fortune in therapy - they can come here, graffiti it, stomp on it, spill their soda on it, whatever.” Interesting idea, to be sure, but perhaps those therapy sessions would be more effective after all.

Tom Hooper On Les Miserables Golden Globe Nominations: "I'm So Proud"

Hugh Jackman Tom Hooper

Les Miserables was always going to be a tricky film to handle. Adored by so many in its musical format, to translate it to the screen represented a huge task for director Tom Hooper. But, given the fantastic critical response, and with three Golden Globe nominations under its belt, it looks as if he pulled it off. 

"I'm just pleased for the whole team who made Les Miserables," said Hooper on the phone to the BBC, all the way from Los Angeles. "Making a musical is an intensively collaborative type of film-making, because it requires such an army of people. An army who aren't there on a conventional movie. The singing teachers who helped the cast, though to the on set pianists who played in the live duets with the singers."

Given the all-star cast in Les Mis, there were always going to be some disappointing phone calls today - the day the nominations were announced. One smiling face, though, would have been that of Hugh Jackman, who plays Jean Valjean. "I'm so proud. Hugh Jackman carries this film, from the start to the end, on his shoulders - at times like Jean Valjean, the hero he plays," explained Hooper. 

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That Oscars Buzz Just Got Louder – Lincoln Leads Screen Actors Guild Awards Nominations

Daniel Day Lewis Steven Spielberg Abraham Lincoln Sally Field Tommy Lee Jones Joseph Gordon-Levitt James Spader Bradley Cooper Robert De Niro Jennifer Lawrence Anne Hathaway Hugh Jackman Maggie Smith

In the run-up to the Oscars, the movie industry pays special attention to the smaller awards nominations, for indicators as to what to expect at the big event. So far, it’s looking good for Lincoln, the new Steven Spielberg biopic about President Abraham Lincoln. With the title role played by Daniel Day Lewis and a supporting cast featuring Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon Levitt and James Spader, there has been an ‘Oscars-buzz’ around this movie for some time now. And that buzz just got a little more deafening with the release of the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards nominations.

Unsurprisingly, Daniel Day Lewis is up for best actor, reports Los Angeles Times, with Sally Field getting the nod for best supporting actress and best supporting actor for Tommy Lee Jones. Lincoln is joined by Silver Linings Playbook (starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Lawrence) and Les Miserables, which gets a tips for best ensemble, with Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman leading the cast, there.

Dame Maggie Smith is the real star of this year’s announcement, though, landing more nominations than any other actor. She’s been acknowledged not only for her cinematic appearance in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel but also for her small screen work on Downton Abbey, the British series that has really made waves in the USA. 

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Pictures: Anne Hathaway And Amanda Seyfried's Outfits The Talking Point Of The New York Les Miserables Premiere

Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Sacha Baron Cohen Eddie Redmayne Tom Hooper Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables Premiere

After a more conservative look at the London premiere last week, Anne Hathaway set tongues wagging with this racey number

Props to the main stars of Les Miserables, they're putting in the effort on the film's run of premieres. Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and the rest of the cast were all out in force again at the New York City premiere of the novel adaptation less than a week after they'd ran the red carpet gamut in London. What a difference a continent makes, though; whilst across in the UK Hathaway and the rest of the female cast dressed prettily but conservatively, at the Ziegfield Theatre they held nothing back, both Hathaway and Seyfried causing jaws to drop with their outfits. 

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Anne Hathaway Back To Her Glamourous Self After Les Mis Weight-Loss

Anne Hathaway Amanda Seyfried Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman Jennifer Lawrence Sally Field

Anne Hathaway is back on the town and back to her stylish self after undergoing a massive transformation for her latest role as Fantine in Les Miserables, having been spotted around the nightspots of London shortly after arriving in the city.

Hathaway has made a series of appearances in the English capital since she flew in to promote the new film earlier this week, and it looks as though the actress was more than happy to finally be back on the town following her rigorous weigh-loss campaign for her role in Les Miserables. The actress dropped a further 25lbs from her already slim figure to get ready for her dramatic role as the Fantine, which involves her having to sell her hair and body in order to survive during the French revolution.

Anne and her fellow co-stars, including Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman, were in the capital for the world premiere on Wednesday (Dec 5) night, with Anne out for a meal with a male friend the following night looking seriously glamourous once again. Despite having to go down to her super-slim size, the dedication may pay off come February, with bookies making her one of the favourites to take home the Best Actress Oscar next year. That said, she still has stiff competition from the likes of Jennifer Lawrence (Silver Linings Playbook) and Sally Field (Lincoln).

A Week In Movies Feat: Kathryn Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty, Tom Hooper, Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Martin Freeman And More!

Kathryn Bigelow Tom Hooper Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Anne Hathaway Eddie Redmayne Amanda Seyfried Matt Damon Gus Van Sant Martin Freeman Colin Farrell Sam Rockwell Christopher Walken Tina Fey Paul Rudd

Zero Dark Thirty

Awards season kicked off in earnest this week with two major critical bodies - New York Critics and the National Board of Review - both naming the Osama bin Laden raid thriller Zero Dark Thirty as their film of the year. Jessica Chastain stars in the movie, which reunites director Kathryn Bigelow with The Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal. The new trailer promises another exciting, intense military action drama.

Another major awards contender is Tom Hooper's film of the epic musical Les Miserables, with a high-powered cast including Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne and Amanda Seyfried. All of them attended the glitzy red carpet world premiere in London this week. The film opens in America on Christmas Day, and in Britain in early January.

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At The Movies: Les Miserables Review Roundup

Les Miserables Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Anne Hathaway

To undertake a cinematic reimagining of Les Miserables is to approach the proverbial poisoned chalice with gusto, with added virulent infections and - yes the cliched metaphors are done now - a rounded panning from the public and press, who have enjoyed the stage show and don't look upon change kindly. 

But that hasn't been the case for Tom Hooper, who bravely took the helm to take this iconic stage show onto the big screen. Featuring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway, and not to mention the brilliance of violinist Henry Salmon, 2012's Les Mis has enjoyed a positive reaction from a difficult circle of critics to please.

"Not only is Les Miserables a great film," write popular film website, HeyuGuys, "but it is now the textbook example of how to adapt a musical for the screen, all the while maintaining an utterly straight face. Glorious," they add, giving the film an impressive 5/5.

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Rise Of The Guardians Review


Vividly colourful details in the animation and script bring mythical characters to life in ways that are thoroughly engaging as this riotous action-comedy soars through its epic story. It's a bit frantic, barely pausing to let us admire the artistry, but it's a lively thrill-ride of a movie that will keep both adults and kids on the edge of their seats.

Jack Frost (Pine) is a lonely boy no one else can see, so he has no idea why he exists at all. He fills time creating snowy-icy mischief to make children laugh, and feels out of his depth when he is summoned by the Guardians of childhood: burly Russian Father Christmas (Baldwin), tough-talking Aussie Easter Bunny (Jackman), fluttering Tooth Fairy (Fisher) and wordless Sandman. They need him to help them defeat Pitch (Law), a boogeyman who is replacing children's imaginations with nasty nightmares in an effort to get them to believe only in him. So while Jack works out a plan to get rid of Pitch, he also needs to figure out if he belongs with the Guardians.

Screenwriter Lindsay-Abaire and the animation team have a lot of fun with the characters, which are loosely based on the William Joyce novels. Each person is fully formed, with terrific vocal work from gifted actors who pack their characters with personality, especially Baldwin and Jackman. So their interaction zings with attitude even as the imagery bursts with hilarious details. Since the story is centred on Jack, he's the one who carries us through, and he's an engaging reluctant hero in the vein of Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins. Watching him discover his own inner skills is often exhilarating.

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No Lip-Syncing Here: Anne Hathaway Forced To Sing Live For Les Miserables

Anne Hathaway Tom Hooper Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

Anne Hathaway and her fellow cast members in Les Miserables were forced to sing live, MTV News have reported. They spoke to the movie’s director, Tom Hooper, who explained that it was of the utmost importance to have the actors singing live, to make the performances believable. The cast agreed, so Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Hugh Jackman all had to put their vocal talents on display if they wanted to be part of the film.

“The whole sense that the character is producing the song, rather than the character is following a song, completely changes the medium of the music,” Hooper told MTV. “It's amazing how much more visceral and how much more real it is. I, for one, find lip-syncing; it's always made me find it fake. Even the great musicals, I have to kind of forgive them for miming. It's a real step forward in the form, which we are all really excited to be involved in.” Hathaway reportedly spent four months with a vocal coach before joining the rest of the coach for the nine-week filming schedule and it looks as though her hard work paid off.

The movie version of Les Miserables premiered at New York’s Lincoln Center. The Hollywood Reporter say that although Anne Hathaway’s performance as Fantine is a brief one, she makes an “indelible impression” and already, mutterings of potential Oscar nominations have begun to surface. 

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Russell Crowe Turned Down Wolverine Role (But Recommended Hugh Jackman)

Hugh Jackman Russell Crowe Jake Gyllenhaal

Russell Crowe turned down Hugh Jackman's Wolverine part in the X-Men movies, though recommended the Australian star for the role. Crowe had just finished Gladiator and opted to work with Ron Howard on A Beautiful Mind - a film that scooped multiple Oscars including an acting nomination for Crowe.

In an interview with Australian radio station Triple M 104.9FM (via Yahoo), Jackman explained, "Bryan Singer asked Rusty to do Wolverine, and he said, 'Nah mate I've just done 'Gladiator', it's not for me but you should look at this guy..." Luckily, Crowe appeared to be right on the money with his endorsement, as Jackman's portrayal was a huge hit with movie fans. He's since appeared as the clawed mutant three times, with a second X-Men spin-off 'The Wolverine' due out in July 2012. Crowe and Jackman have been good friends for many years, and the X-Men star said, "He's a great guy in every way, I have so much time for him and to watch him work, everyone says he is a great actor, when you actually get to work with someone like that... He's that good when it matters, in that moment, in that close up tough moment, you just sit back and watch you know someone's got that confidence and is going to deliver. I learnt a lot from him."

2013 is likely to be a big year for both stars, with Jackman appearing in the forthcoming musical-drama Les Miserables (as is Crowe) as well as The Wolverine and thriller The Prisoner with Jake Gyllenhaal. Crowe is shooting the fantasy Winter's Tale, Superman flick Man of Steel and his Oscar tipped blockbuster Noah

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Les Miserables Film Given First Screening

Anne Hathaway Tom Hooper Russell Crowe Hugh Jackman

It’s been a long time since a movie musical challenged for an Oscar, yet with the predictions and rumors starting to fly round there are suggestions that one could be in the reckoning to take the main Academy Award for the first time since Chicago triumphed way back in 2002.

In fairness, if Les Miserables was decent it was always going to have a chance; the book was considered one of the finest novels of the 19th century, whilst the musical was one of the most high profile of the last century. Switching it to film though obviously had a huge pressure, and people finally got a chance to see how British filmmaker Tom Hooper had handled that as his film of Les Miserables screened for the first time last Friday (November 23), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No one at the screening, which took place at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, was allowed to give their review of the film. What can be revealed is that Hooper himself was there and addressed the crowd. "I'm grateful that I finished it [the film]... “ he said in a speech, adding “I'm grateful to the thousands of people who have been on this journey, particularly the wonderful cast... and I'm grateful to Victor Hugo (who wrote the novel upon which the Broadway play upon which the film is derived), who unfortunately can't be with us." Starring Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Helena Bonham Carter among others, the cast certainly has the chops for the Awards season, only time will tell whether the film matches up to the profile.

Movie 43 Trailer

If you were hoping for a romantic comedy with a harmless storyline, romance and inoffensive jokes, the here's a warning: read no further. 'Movie 43' is one of the most cringe-worthy and uncensored taboo-filled flicks to be released in the history of comedy. Here you will see several interlinked stories with characters' lives surrounding unusual proposals, interrupting blind kids' parties, bad parenting, teenage menstruation, a confused and slightly racist basketball coach, innovative business ideas and the kidnapping of a violent leprechaun. Once you see this movie it is unlikely you will find a subject that offends you ever again.

With twelve different comedy genius directors including Peter Farrelly ('Dumb & Dumber', 'There's Something About Mary', 'Shallow Hal'), Steve Carr ('Daddy Day Care', 'Dr Dolittle 2'), Steven Brill ('Little Nicky') and Brett Ratner ('Rush Hour') to name but a few and eight different writers, this jaw-droppingly crude and often obscene movie features a diverse star-studded cast, both British and American, who have banded together to shock you in the most hilarious ways you can think of. Whatever kind of comedy you're into, 'Movie 43' probably has something in it for everyone and it is set to hit the big screen on February 1st 2012.

Directed by : Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill, Steve Carr, Rusty Cundieff, James Duffy, Griffin Dunne, Peter Farrelly, Patrik Forsberg, James Gunn, Bob Odenkirk, Brett Ratner, Jonathan van Tulleken

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Katie Holmes In Subway Scandal!

Katie Holmes Tom Cruise Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway Jessica Alba Hugh Jackman Lindsay Lohan Bradley Cooper

Gossip websites reacted with shock today when Hollywood star Katie Holmes was spotted getting from A to B on the New York underground.

'What?!' I hear you cry over the din of several thousand jaws hitting the ground in horror. Yep, the one and only Katie Holmes from 'Dawson's Creek' was forced to go incognito as she braved the busy method of public transport in a plain cream sweater, blue jeans and sunglasses.

Okay, so it's not exactly breaking news, nor is it really a scandal. Though it does make one speculate about how much was left to Holmes following her spectacular divorce from movie legend Tom Cruise; using public transport either suggests she's broke and can't afford a chauffeur, or that she's becoming super eco-friendly. or that it's probably quicker to get around the city on a train than in a car on those busy streets. Either way, it's a great normalization of celebrities as she becomes the latest in a string of stars to take to the subway. Jake Gyllenhaal, Jay Z, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Hugh Jackman, Lindsay Lohan and Bradley Cooper have all been seen on the Non-Celebrity Express which kind of suggests that the underground locomotive is the new stretched limo.

Les Miserables Trailer

Jean Valjean was imprisoned in France's Toulin prison for over a decade after stealing a loaf of bread and making several escape attempts. After being paroled, Jean (known as Prisoner 24601) finds himself re-offending and therefore on the run from the uncompromising police inspector Javert who is thoroughly determined to get him back behind bars no matter what. Changing his identity, Jean finds himself at the heart of a revolution known as the June Rebellion in 1832 Paris. Jean eventually becomes a town mayor, while still evading capture, and meets the impoverished Fantine who struggles to care for her illegitimate daughter Cosette. Jean agrees become the child's guardian and brings her up.

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Real Steel Review

Undemanding audiences will love this rousing father-son tale of redemption set amid the cacophonous crashing of boxing robots. But the script is seriously contrived, and the movie is directed without even an inkling of subtlety.

In the near future, Charlie (Jackman) is an ex-boxer who now controls massive robots that have taken over the sport. A stubborn failure buried in debt, he has no interest in his 11-year-old son Max (Goyo), whose mother has just died, but agrees to care for him until his rich aunt and uncle (Davis and Rebhorn) return from holiday. But Max is far more savvy with robots than his dad. And with the help of Dad's lovelorn pal Bailey (Lilly), Max defies Charlie's expectations with his scrapheap robot Atom.

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Video - Hugh Jackman Is All Smiles At Premiere Of Real Steel

Australian actor Hugh Jackman (X-Men; Van Helsing; Australia) attends the Canadian premiere of his new film, 'Real Steel'. He walks onto the red carpet to cheers and after flashing a grin at the waiting photographers, moves down the carpet for photographs.

Real Steel also stars Evangeline Lilly and X-Men co-star Kevin Durand. The film is set in 2020 and sees robots replacing humans in boxing matches. Charlie (Jackman) joins forces with his son to build a robot that can compete in the championship

Australia Review

It takes a half hour before you're able to put a finger on the tone and tactic of Baz Luhrmann's Australia. First steps are taken on shaky legs until the sweeping picture hits its stride. After that, you're given an additional two-and-a-half-hours to determine whether or not you like what's attempted.

At 165 minutes, Australia is ambitious to a point -- and then, to a fault. You can actually point to two movies jockeying for position on screen (well, one full story and the seeds of another). And while I quite liked the primary story, the third-act coda struck me as fodder for a potential sequel I wasn't prepared to sit through at the time.

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Deception (2008) Review

According to web reports, this Hugh Jackman/Ewan McGregor thriller was originally titled The Tourist and The List before the filmmakers and/or studio finally settled on Deception. The alternates are not exactly the most eye-catching or original titles, but both would be just as appropriate for this particular film. I can't imagine what the impetus was to find something even more generic -- or if it's even possible to come up with a more bland thriller title. Betrayal, perhaps? Dark Secrets?

This is a film that starts off with some agreeable, professional trashiness before settling into routine. This is not to say that the opening, with meek, lonely accountant Jonathan (McGregor) striking up a friendship with the slick Wyatt (Jackman), is entirely smooth going. Almost immediately, the movie suffers from casting the sly, handsome McGregor as a fumbling nebbish. The guy has both acting chops and charisma; naturally, several of his Hollywood roles ask him to trade both for an American accent. Hopefully he meets up with Colin Farrell and James McAvoy to commiserate -- or maybe he swapped stories on-set with Jackman, another good-looking overseas bloke who has alternated terrific performances with bouts of blandness.

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X-Men Review

Well, comic book freaks can take a breather, as another sci-fi fantasy hits the big screen, this time in the long-awaited, highly-anticipated, it-better-be-good X-Men.

Without too much regret, I can say that X-Men will be palatable to fans and newbies alike. It's not a great film, but it will probably follow the arc of the Superman and Batman movies -- tons of sequels of variable quality until an abrupt and dismal end a decade later.

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Flushed Away Review

As nice as it can be to see movies at press screenings -- nestled in big comfy chairs, away from the masses and ticket prices -- there were benefits to watching Flushed Away in a big ol' auditorium filled to the brim with the 10-and-under crowd. It validated that my finding the movie bland and inspiring didn't just mean I'm outside key demographics. Those kids? They weren't laughing a whole lot either.

Flushed Away is a prototypical anthropomorphic-fish-out-of-water tale, about a pampered pet rat named Roddy St. James (voiced by Hugh Jackman) who gets accidentally flushed down the toilet of his owners' posh Kensington flat and ends up out of his element in a rat-sized version of London down in the sewers. His attempts to make his way back up top get him mixed up with a sassy lass, Rita (Kate Winslet), who is on the run from a local crime boss and his thugs. Of course, because this is an animated family film, the boss is an ill-tempered toad and one of the henchmen is an albino former lab rat, but the ideas are universal.

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Kate & Leopold Review

At first glance, Kate & Leopold appears to be a fairly run-of-the-mill romantic fantasy. A successful, 21st century woman meets the Duke of Albany circa 1876, via a hiccup in the time-space continuum. And although they can't find true love within their own generations, it might be possible with one another. Sounds like a recipe for a safe, mushy Hollywood movie, so what makes this film different? It's the way writer-director James Mangold (Copland, Girl,Interrupted) avoids stereotype, with an intelligent, crowd-pleasing take on the time travel love story. It's smart enough to remind us just how stupid a movie like Just Visiting is.

And not only is the storytelling sharp, but the characters are too. Meg Ryan (not too perky, not too whiny) is Kate McKay, working her way up the NYC corporate ladder, but too busy for love after a four-year relationship with her brilliant ex, Stuart (Liev Schreiber). When Stuart discovers an open portal in the fabric of time -- you have to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge at just the right time -- he accidentally brings the 19th century Duke back to modern-day New York. Everyone involved, including Ryan's kid brother Charlie (the underrated Breckin Meyer), clearly has some baggage and life experience, and Mangold's script (co-written with Steven Rogers) clues us in without clobbering us.

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Swordfish Review


Director Dominic Sena seems to fancy himself some kind of John Woo Jr. But John Woo ("The Killer," "Hard Boiled" and more recently "Face/Off" and "M:I-2") is an action genius who has a gift for turning gun battles into ballet and explosions into art.

Sena ("Gone in 60 Seconds") couldn't care less about art as long as his computer-enhanced mega-blasts are as big, as orange, as slow-motion and as debris-filled as possible. And if he can throw in an innocent hostage being blown apart, so much the better.

After beginning with an ironic but incredibly smug speech by film buff bad guy John Travolta about how Hollywood makes such crappy movies, the opening sequence of "Swordfish" fulfills all Sena's high-gloss, low-brow requirements -- pretty much proving Travolta's point.

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