Finally the new trailer for the film The Wolverine has been revealed, and it shows Hugh Jackman playing his beloved metal claw wielding mutant character … but with a difference.

The story of The Wolverine takes place in Japan, which as readers of the X-Men comics will know, is a country synonymous with the character. So it turns out that back in World War II, Wolverine managed to save a man’s life from the atomic blast of the Hiroshima bomb by shielding him in a hole. You’d have thought the nuclear fall out would have still got him, but apparently not. Anyway, years and years on this man is now old and frail, but has been a hugely successful man who can offer Wolverine something he’s always wanted – a mortal life.

Wolverine’s pretty skeptical, he doesn’t think anyone can change what’s happened to him. Namely being given a metal skeleton which, among many more important issues, makes international travel a nightmare. However, this fella saved is awful rich and seems to have the technology to be able to cure Wolverine, to the extent where the mutant realizes he isn’t healing anymore like he used. Could he actually be becoming mortal? We’ll have to wait and find out on July 26th, when The Wolverine hits cinemas. It’s the first time he’s been seen on cinema screens since 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was a mixed success. Plenty to prove then.

Hugh Jackman
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