Hugh Jackman will start shooting 'The Wolverine' in October.

The Australian actor - who has played the mutant character in four films, including three in the 'X-Men' franchise and one stand alone movie - confirmed the start date, but as yet no director is officially attached.

He said: "We shoot in October, so it will probably come out a year after that. That's usually around the timeline."

The movie has been beset with problems; 'Black Swan' director Darren Aronofsky dropped out of working on the project claiming the shoot would interfere with his family life and the Japanese earthquake earlier this year led to further Delays as it was planned to film 'The Wolverine' there.

It is not known if it will be moved elsewhere or will still be shot in east Asia.

Christopher McQuarrie has written The Script, and although James Mangold is expected to direct, it has not been confirmed.

Discussing Wolverine's reprisal recently, Hugh revealed he was taking preparations seriously at the gym.

He said: "Wolverine is coming back, so the claws are out. The chops aren't grown yet but I'm starting to - the guns are getting there."