The number 13 might be unlucky for some, but actor Hugh Jackman will likely remember Thursday, December 13 2012 for some time indeed. The X-Men star enjoyed a great day in Hollywood as he woke up in the morning to find himself nominated for a Golden Globes award, and then strolled on down to the famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame to be celebrated as the 2487th person to gain a star on the pathway.

It’s been a terrific week in general for Jackman; as well as his Golden Globes nod, he also received a Screen Actors Guild nomination earlier in the week – both for his performance in the forthcoming Les Miserables – and he was in understandably chipper spirits as he spoke to E! News. "It's kind of a surreal day," Jackman said. "I'll probably always remember Thursday, December 13 and I think I'm either going straight from here to buy a lottery ticket or to a casino because it just feels like someone is looking down on me in a very nice way at this moment.”

Of course, nominations are one thing, but winning the prizes themselves are another, and Jackman couldn’t resist a sly look ahead to the biggest awards of them all: the Oscars. "I'm excited” he said. “The star is right here outside where I got to host the Oscars and if the movie gets nominated [for an Oscar], it'll be nice to get up there and show a little bit of the show to everybody." You wouldn’t bet against him on this form!