Since the 1953 Disney animation, 'Peter Pan' has been enthralling cinema audiences all over the world. The live action version was finally released 50 years later, with several spin-offs along the way such as 1991's Oscar nominated 'Hook', 2011 mini-series 'Neverland' and even Academy Award winning J.M. Barrie biopic 'Finding Neverland'.

Garrett Hedlund in Pan
Garrett Hedlund is a kinder James Hook

Golden Globe nominated director Joe Wright ('Anna Karenina', 'Atonement') is at the helm of 'Pan' with his previous production collaborator Paul Webster, and it's screenwriter Jason Fuchs ('Ice Age: Continental Drift') second feature movie. We certainly can't wait for this new rendition of a thrilling adventure that has captivated children (and adults) for decades. Having been in production since 2013, the finished product is now on its way to a cinema near you.

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'Pan' is set for US release on July 17th 2015.

Rooney Mara in Pan
Rooney Mara plays the eccentric Tiger Lily