Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal are undoubtedly two of the most talented actors in Hollywood today, and their new crime thriller 'Prisoners' brings to life a moviegoers fantasy as they star alongside one another in the gripping psychological tale.

Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman at the premiere of 'Prisoners'

In a small Pennsylvanian town on thanksgiving, a couple of families get together and dine with each other for the holiday. Living walking distance from each, the close community is rocked on the discovery that the two youngest daughters from each family have gone missing. But how does this differ from any other conventional thriller?

Director Denis Villeneuve along with screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski attempt to take the audience to an unfamiliar place, a psychological space that will taunt the spectator's whilst the characters attempt to deal with their own demons.

Jackman's character driven portrayal of a father whose mind delves into an unthinkable domain when trying to save his missing daughter is a refreshing change from the one dimensional, ass-kicking characters the audiences have come accustomed to seeing the Australian play.

The added element that separates this thriller from all others is Gyllenhaal's performance as the rational and conservative detective who is more than willing to follow Jackman into the darkness.

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Both actors did a recent interview with 'Monsters and critics' and spoke about the psychological effect of playing such troubled characters.

Gyllanhaal comments on prearing for the role "I would always watch police videos, interrogation videos and sometimes really horrific videos. On my way to work I'd try to resist how dark it was, that world it threw me into".

Jackman also told the website that he "talked to a father whose kid was gone and he said the worst thing is that the child is waiting for you, not for the police, for you and the police tell us to leave it to them. But you can't abandon your child and that is what sleeping would be, and the incomprehensible nature of taking information in and just physically trying to take concepts in".

What do the critics say?

Caryn James of The Huffington Post said, "film is so sharply directed, tautly edited, so rich and believably acted -- Hugh Jackman is the fierce and desperate father, Jake Gyllenhaal the obsessed but coolly rational detective -- that you quickly forgive its tired story". Adding "Prisoners is one of the most intense, satisfying thrillers to appear in years".

Rex Reed of the New York Observer echoes the praise - "Prepare to be electrified! When it comes to thrillers, Prisoners is the must-see sensation of the year".

'Prisoners' is set to hit theatres on September 27th 2013.

jake gyllenhaal~
Jake Gyllenhaal stars alongside Jackman in crime thriller 'Prionsers'