So James Mangold's The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman, wasn't really that bad in the end. There was brief couple of days when Rotten Tomatoes was filling up with a flurry of bad reviews for the X-Men movie, though the heavyweight critics gave Jackman and company the benefit of the doubt.

WolverineHugh Jackman as The Wolverine

During its opening weekend at the box-office, the movie took a modest $55 million (despite estimates of $80 million) though pulled in $86.1 million internationally to comfortably recoup its budget. In other words, from now on everything that The Wolverine pulls in at the cinema and on DVD and BluRay is pure profit. In other, other, words - it's all been a rather big success.

One subject fans are chatting about this week is the Easter egg in the new movie - the final scene bonus scene that appears to be rivalling the egg in the first Iron Man movie in terms of intrigue and excitement. 

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So, in the post-credits scene, Logan is seeing waiting to board a flight at an airport and notices a report on a nearby TV about technological advances. Dubbed 'Two Years Later,' the scene sees Lohan pass through the metal-detecting security scanner as objects begin to float out of the security tray towards him.

He spins round to face Magneto, his arch enemy, who asks Logan to join his cause because there's danger approaching. Wolverine asks him why he should trust anything he says, which is when Charles Xavier approaches in a wheelchair. When Lohan asks how it's possible that he's still alive, Xavier replies, "As I told you once before, you are not the only one with gifts."

What does it all mean?

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman as The Wolverine in James Mangold's Movie