The weekend box office kicks off to a predictable start this week, with a predicted $65 million opening for The Wolverine and a host of other solid flicks trailing slightly behind.

Hugh Jackman, Ed Sullivan Theatre
The weekend box office appears to be in Hugh Jackman's capable hands.

After a complete turnaround in reviews, the James Mangold-directed chapter of the X-Men story is quickly shaping up to be one of the most profitable releases of the season – nowhere near Iron Man 3, of course, but that’s one benchmark that won’t be reached for a while, it would seem.

Check out the trailer for The Wolverine below.

This might mark a turnaround for a season of big-budget flops – The Lone Ranger, The Heat, After Earth and many more marked a decidedly glum blockbuster season at the box office. The Wolverine opened nationwide on Friday morning, after a cool $4 million debut in selected theatres on Thursday. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is also poised to do well with overseas crowds.

The Wolverine, despite being the only thing anyone can talk about this weekend, is not the only release of note. The other new releases this weekend fall in the specialty lot, however. Director Ryan Coogler’s Fruitvale Station, as well as the coming-of-age dramedy The Way, Way Back are due for a nationwide expansion after a week’s limited release and critics are predicting a strong debut for both.

Watch the trailer for Fruitvale Station below.

Aubrey Plaza’s own rather explicit coming-of-age story (of sorts) is also slated for a solid opening weekend in 591 theatres across the country. Meanwhile, for the hardcore Woody Allen fans, there’s Blue Jasmine. The iconic filmmaker’s latest release opens only in six theatres, however – in New York and Los Angeles. Overall, it looks like The Wolverine might finally help the summer box office claw out of the rut.

Catch the trailer for The Way, Way Back below.