Hugh Laurie will ''treasure the memory'' of George Clooney getting changed.

The 55-year-old actor worked with the hunk on new movie 'Tomorrowland' and said he enjoyed spending time with him on set as he got the chance to see George get ''into unseemly clothing''.

Speaking at the movie's London premiere, he said: ''(Filming actions scenes) was very exciting. We trained for that. We got into unseemly clothing ... so, I've seen parts of George Clooney that other people have not necessarily seen. I'll treasure that memory.''

However, the 'House' star was disappointed he was unable to find George's ''dark side'' because he seems like the perfect man.

He continued: ''I really did try to find some dark side and some dirt on George Clooney and I got nothing. It's infuriating.''

Meanwhile, 54-year-old George - who wed lawyer Amal Clooney last year - only had praise for his co-star who he gushed about, saying he loved working with such a ''fun, funny, talented man''

He said: ''I really enjoy every minute of working with him - he's just a fun, funny, talented man. I can only say good things about him.''

And speaking about the science fiction movie, George admitted he's a fan because of the key message behind the story.

He added: ''One thing I like about it is that the future is not inevitable and you can have a say in it. That's a great overarching theme.''