Hulk Hogan will shave off his iconic moustache for a "couple million bucks".

The legendary wrestler recently revealed he was considering losing his famous facial hair to increase his chances of landing some film roles.

Since making the revelation, the 'TNA IMPACT Wrestling' star has been contacted by some major cosmetics companies who want to pay to film him making The Cut and he is ready to have a shave for the right price.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "When I talked about it (shaving off the moustache) everyone went crazy. Loads of people began jumping on it and the next thing I knew people were like, 'Oh my god he's shaving his moustache off!' The next thing I know is I had one of my sports agents calling me saying, 'Don't shave it off!' I've heard from Gillette, Right Guard. They said we may have a deal, so I said I'd wait for a while."

When asked if he really would lose the moustache - which Hulk has rarely been seen without over the last 40 years - he added: "If you pay me a couple million bucks, hell yeah I'd shave it off! It grows back."

The grappler-and-actor was in the UK last month on the Maximum IMPACT Tour.

The leg of the tour which took place at London's Wembley Arena was filmed to be broadcast on 'IMPACT Wrestling' - which is aired on Challenge TV in the UK and Ireland and Spike TV in the US.