Hurts say Foals are ''party animals''.

Singer Theo Hutchcraft said they had seen a lot of English indie band - winners at the Q Awards - over the summer and that they are a ''magical group of party animals''.

The band told BANG Showbiz: ''It's hard to tell [who the biggest drinker in Foals is] they really are a magical group of party animals.

''They're always good to have a beer with, we often have, we can try and match them [at drinking], which we seemed to do all summer ... we tried to have a drink with each other quite a lot''.

Foals guitarist Jimmy Smith previously said: ''We all have healthy drinking problems. Some of us have other problems on top of the drinking problem''.

Singer Yannis Philippakis added: ''I have other problems on top of the drinking problem.''

While on tour promoting their second album 'Total Life Forever', the pair claimed they suffered from ''liver failure''.