Hurts frontman THEO HUTCHCRAFT has been banned from flying for medical reasons after he was accidentally knocked down a flight of stairs by a group of female fans.
The British singer was playing a gig in Madrid, Spain on Sunday (13Feb11) when he had a run-in with a mob of overzealous devotees and was left with an injured nose and ear.
He spent the night in a Madrid hospital with head injuries and was banned from flying by concerned doctors - so he had to catch a 36-hour train to Bologna, Italy for the band's next gig, according to Britain's The Sun.
Hutchcraft writes on his page, "Woke up delirious & surrounded by Portuguese mountains after a night of bleeding Madrid's A&E dept. 13hrs into a 36hr trip to Bologna after a wild night in Porto.
"I have a boshed (injured) nose and a cut ear and can't fly."