I Concur
EP Launch Night @ Brudenell Social Club,
Leeds 31-05-07
Live Review

I Concur

Hampered with broken wrist, broken fingernails and a cold, Leeds based singer songwriter Peter Wright is easily forgiven for reciting a drawn-out surreal dream (which involves trains running through the Brudenell Social Club). Though Peter looks more like a games obsessed skateboarder than your stereotypical folk artist, his beautiful fingerpicked acoustic offerings banish any prior typecast.

Mickey Charbagz enters the stage, and his less than domineering performance brings talking all throughout his set. At one point I looked all around the venue and I swear not one person was paying attention. He departs to applause from all but five people. Thankfully, the youthful looking Rotary Ten from Sheffield bring a different edge to proceedings, turning up the heat with their powerful brand of indie post-punk. These guys are energetic, explosive and they both look & sound the part (expect to see some glossy NME feature sometime soon).

Next up, is the instrumental quartet The Pattern Theory. Their fascinating intertwining arrangements result in a sound which has the majority of the audience sat absent-minded. As an added bonus their wistful soundscapes are met with snippets of entertaining dry humour from the bass player between each song.

Finally, I Concur finish the night steering through the self released 'Whatever It's Going To Be' EP and including two other songs along the way. Guitarist Chris Woolford puts in a display which embodies the term "heart & soul" and the Leeds based indie outfit bring an end to their solid performance with the EP closer 'Exits Are Blockades'.

No fireworks here, but it was a fantastic local bill, bursting with variety and undoubtedly great value for money. A little more audience participation would have been nice, but for a relatively new band I'm sure I Concur can look back on this night with nothing but fond memories.

Colin Burrill

Site - http://www.iconcur.co.uk