Review of Whatever It's Going To Be EP by I Concur

I Concur
Whatever It's Going To Be
EP Review

I Concur Whatever It's Going To Be EP

With all the pop fuelled post-punk bands filtering out of Leeds at present, you might be forgiven for thinking the city was incapable of producing anything else. Of course, such thoughts would be completely speculative, and the unsigned quartet I Concur are more than capable of providing substantial evidence to dismiss such a theory.

With the wealth of impressive US & Canadian indie influences under this Leeds-based outfits belt, you wouldn't be alone with regards to hoping for something with a similar vibe. The good news is, I Concur deliver.

Whatever It's Going To Be consists of infectious melodies, cohesive arrangements & heart-wrenching vocals, all of which contribute to what is an impressive indie rock adventure with tendencies towards the epic post-rock sound.

The ghoulishly titled opener 'Demons & Slaves' is unsurprisingly the darkest offering on the EP ,whilst the emotionally charged 'Oblige' provides the undoubted highlight (even when it begins to feel like a guilty pleasure, it still has you coming back time & time again). The consistency continues with the charming 'Decimal Places' with Tim Hann's vocals containing traces of Morrissey swagger (minus the pretence) and the band bring an end to this self-released four-track with the thunderous blasts of guitar & drums in 'Exits Are Blockades'.

Potential. Potential. Potential. There is more than enough evidence here to suggest that I Concur are one of Leeds brightest lights. Bring on the album.

Colin Burrill

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