MP Nadine Dorries entered the jungle for I'm a celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! amongst intense controversy, and she's exited it under the same conditions. Her choice to leave her constituency to enter a game show really didn't go down well with her superiors, colleagues, or the people that she needs votes from come the next election.

According to the Guardian, an Ashcroft survey about Dorries showed the following: "A full 96% of the 1,500 local voters surveyed between 14 and 18 November knew Dorries was on the show...  with a mere 16% approving of her decision. When asked about her loss of the Tory whip, 58% of people said this was the right decision, a figure rising to 64% among Tory voters." 

In the face of all this criticism, Dorries has tried to defend herself, telling Daybreak that her office hasn't been entirely lackadaisical. "Some of the flak that has been thrown at me I'm afraid just isn't true." She said, "My office has been manned, my staff have been working and I am back at work already." While defending herself it seems that she has no regrets about her decision to enter the jungle, but didn't think she'd be staying the whole course, and feels a personal transformation took place. She says: "I kind of expected it. It's been a fascinating experience. I actually came here self-important for a few days, but I'm not now." 

Andrew Mitchell, Tory Chief Whip, gave her permission to go she claims. But his office has denied it, saying: "Andrew Mitchell was neither asked nor did he agree to Nadine Dorries going off to Australia for a month to take part in I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here." Dorries was suspended when she first left for the jungle, but now it's up to the party to decide whether it's worth having her around. Given that she's unlikely to get those precious votes again we're guessing that she'll be booted out.