Radio presenter Iain Lee endured a more stressful commute than normal, after having to be rescued by firefighters after he fell down a well on his way to work.

The 44 year old English broadcaster, who also starred in ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here’, was walking to his talkRADIO hosting job in Milton Keynes on Thursday night (March 29th) when he stopped at a wishing well, and somehow managed to fall down it.

It’s probably a good thing for Lee that this didn’t happen three days later on April 1st, as one can imagine that 999 call-takers would have taken this for an April Fool’s Day joke if they had heard it on Sunday.

In the event, it took 20 firefighters two hours to get him out, as Lee endeavoured to live-tweet the situation as it unfolded, despite being quite wet and suffering a suspected sprained ankle.

Iain LeeIain Lee fell down a well on his way to work. Really.

“It’s not metaphorical. It’s an actual well,” he tweeted just after 6pm, as his followers initially refused to believe him. “This is nuts. Phone dying. Help is coming but I’m a bit shaken.”

However, it didn't stop him from eventually making his radio show, albeit a little later than normal.

“I’m stood at this well and I’ve got a 20 pence piece and I thought I’d make a wish because things have been – with my mental health and marriage – things haven’t been great and I thought I needed a bit of luck,” Lee said, having eventually made it to work, explaining his predicament to listeners.

“I don’t throw a coin in the well, I toss… I did that, I tossed the coin and made a wish but the coin [got] stuck down the side of the well,” he explained. “The wish doesn’t count if the coin doesn’t touch the water. It’s the only coin I had. I’m such an idiot. What I tried to do was reach it by leaning over head-first. There’s no bucket, but there’s a rope hanging down… I got a hold of the rope and I tried to go down feet-first, I fell into the well.”

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