Ian Brown and Noel Gallagher are fans of Example.

The 'We'll Be Coming Back' singer recently played on the same bill as the Stone Roses singer Ian and High Flying Birds main man Noel, and was pleasantly surprised how impressed with him they were.

He told website Ilikemusic.com: ''I chatted to Ian Brown for a couple of minutes. He gave me a hug and was like, 'Fair play lad, that were proper good that, I heard you absolutely ripped it a new a***hole.

''Then Noel Gallagher was pretty much just like, 'You don't go away you, do you? You're like a bad smell. I f***ing like that about you. F***ing like that. Go to my dressing room and have a Guinness.''

Example is about to release his fourth album, 'The Evolution of Man', and said while he was determined to shoot the video for first single, 'Say Nothing', in the desert, he was determined for it not to look ''cheesy''.

He added: ''I didn't want it to be like one of those cheesy ballads. I wanted it to be a bit more weird and menacing, like a f***ed up dream.

''That's why we put these characters in who look like they're from post-apocolyptic Mad Max town, you know? They don't have a relevance to the song.''

'The Evolution of Man' is released on November 18.