Ian Brown is to be banned from driving after being caught speeding again.

The Stone Roses frontman - who kept his license last month when he appeared in court on similar charges - did not appear in Stoke Magistrates Court on Thursday (17.11.11) to plead guilty to driving 93mph in a 40mph zone on the M6 near Stafford in his Lexus after being caught by a speed trap on October 12 last year.

Judge David Taylor - who was angered by the rocker for changing his plea to guilty at the last minute - warned: "This will lead to disqualification."

Ian will be sentenced on Thursday (24.11.11).

Last month, the 48-year-old star's lawyer Nick Freeman argued his client needed to keep his vehicle in order to attend rehearsals with the newly-reunited group, which he said were taking place at a "remote secret location".

The lawyer also stated a ban would have caused the 'I Am the Resurrection' hitmaker "insurmountable" difficulties and would interfere with him seeing his 11-year-old son, who lives in London with his mother.

Instead, he was fined £650 plus costs of £300 and given six penalty points on his license by Chester Magistrates court after he was caught speeding on the M6, near Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, on April 25 this year at around 12.30am by a police officer, who followed him for five miles and saw him drive at 105mph, never dropping his speed below 94mph.

When the rocker was pulled over, he disputed the speeds and initially refused a fixed penalty and opted to plead not guilty, but changed his plea before the trial when he realised he had been wrong.