British rocker Ian Brown has blasted his former Stone Roses bandmate John Squire for edging him out of songwriting duties as the group disintegrated.
The Fools Gold hitmakers split in 1996, less than 18 months after the release of their second album, and Brown has now taken a swipe at guitarist Squire for driving a wedge between them in the studio.
He tells Clash magazine, "If I went back and did anything differently, I wouldn't have sung Squire's songs for him. I wouldn't have sung the songs that John had written. He took my fun off me there. My fun was doing the lyrics and the melody. He'd come to the recording sessions and he was writing songs on his own.
"He didn't want to work with no one (sic); he didn't want to work with me. He had to do it on his own... He knew that I wasn't happy that we weren't writing songs together like we used to. And I think I've read interviews since where he says he now realises the strength of our partnership. But he didn't realise it at that time."