OK, we've had just about enough of this real-life dystopian horror that the world has turned into. It feels like as the months wear on, our list of people we respect and like is getting rapidly shorter. The latest to lose our backing is former Stone Roses lead singer Ian Brown, who has revealed to his Twitter followers his belief that COVID-19 is a big government conspiracy. OK then...

Ian Brown performing live with The Stone Roses in 2017 / Photo Credit: Stuart Westwood / Rmv/Zuma Press/PA ImagesIan Brown performing live with The Stone Roses in 2017 / Photo Credit: Stuart Westwood / Rmv/Zuma Press/PA Images

In a truly bizarre Tweet, 57-year-old Brown wrote the following: 

"F**K THE LOW ViBRATiONAL FREQUENCY pumped out by the priests and flock of the religion of covid-1984 their satanic initiation ceremonies and fervent dogma."

Yes, we had no idea what that was supposed to mean either. Or why he's averse to the capital "I". Looking back through his Twitter profile, it's certainly not the first anti-mask, "COVID isn't deadly", "the government are controlling us" type of Tweet that he's come out with. But he's reached new heights of delusional this week, also blaming hypnotism and freemasons.

"I DO NOT CONSENT I WILL NOT COMPLY I DO NOT take ORDERS from GOVERNMENTS or paid off big pharma connected 'scientists' with links to billionaire psychopaths", he ranted nonsensically, adding: "The Strategy of Tension Mass mind manipulation A Psychological Operation the General Population hypnotised right in front of your eyes #DramaAndLies."

Then one of our favourites: "Sir Tier Stazi and his MASONiC LOCKDOWN. Another TORY LABOUR leader #TONYBLiAR #LORDJANNER."

We have no idea what Ian Brown is taking, but we sure hope he keeps it to himself.

Meanwhile, he's not the only musician we've had to denounce as a legend. The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten (who has US citizenship) has revealed that he will be voting for Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential elections. Although I suppose his past opposition to gay marriage and endorsement of Nigel Farage should have been a warning sign. He's even starting to look a bit like Trump.

Then you've got Ice Cube openly admitting to working for Trump's team, and then Morrissey being... Well... Morrissey. Last year, the former Smiths singer suggested that "everyone ultimately prefers their own race" and revealed his support for the far-right party For Britain. Whatever next?!

Still, at least Ian Brown just wants everybody to be able to meet up and cuddle again, even if he is spreading dangerous conspiratorial propaganda while he's about it. If you yourself need a little bit of encouragement to don a face mask in public, check out our "Wear A Mask" playlist to surely inspire you.