Ian Brown says people assume he is on drugs because of his thin face.

The 'Stellify' singer believes he has an unwarranted reputation for taking narcotics because of his gaunt appearance.

He said: "Because of my cheekbones, people think I'm a crack head. When The Stone Roses first came out, the early reviews called me simian. I had to look that up at the time.

"Then they used to call me androgynous. Then somewhere down the line, because of the Manchester thing, it became, 'He's a crack head.' I've never even tried crack. I've never taken heroin. I didn't start smoking cannabis until I was 22."

The rocker also says people have misconceptions about him because of the way he walks, but says he is sensitive and can't help swaggering.

Ian - who is known as 'King Monkey' because of his walk - added: "Everyone in Manchester walks like that. I am gentle. I think nearly everyone who makes music is sensitive - I don't care how hard they pretend they are."