The former Stone Roses star has revealed he never splashes out on new outfits as he gets sent so many garments for free. He said: “The only item of clothing I’ve bought in the last 11 years is a Burberry cashmere tartan scarf, that’s the only thing, I actually was able to give up shopping in February 99.” Ian, 46, is close friends with Japanese streetwear designer Kazuki Kuraishi, and prides himself on only wearing clothes made by him. He explained to Absolute Radio: “I get a box sent from Japan, like every eight weeks I get a big box, and there’s my jeans and what not. “Every item of clothing you’ve seen me in since 1999 will have been designed by Kazuki, he’s one of the top streetwear designers of Japan. He now designs Adidas and Levi’s as well as a lot of the Japanese labels, I met him in 1998.” Ian – who has just released his new album ‘My Way’ - is a huge fan of Japan, and has visited the country 14 times. He admits travelling to the Far East is always a culture shock as he can’t read or speak the language. He revealed: “I’d like to come back as Japanese.  It is like going to another planet because there’s no words of English, so when you see like a wooden building, you don’t know if it’s a barber’s, a restaurant, an hotel or someone’s house