Echo & The Bunnymen star Ian Mcculloch apologised to fans during a gig on Wednesday night (28Sep11) after he stormed off stage and challenged a man to a fight.
The singer was performing with his band at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, Scotland when he appeared agitated during the second half of the show.
MCCulloch berated the crowd for clapping out of time, before shouting at one fan for heckling and threatened to fight him.
The star stormed off stage, but returned shortly after and apologised for his odd behaviour, telling his fans as he fought back tears, "I'm so sorry. You deserve better. We'll play any songs you want. Let's play a hit."
Following the gig he explained his outburst was down to "personal issues" that had occurred backstage.
MCCulloch tells Britain's Daily Record, "There were things which happened backstage that should have stayed backstage, but didn't. I was very upset due to personal issues I can't go into. What went on backstage made it worse and it got too much. It spilled on stage and I can only apologise. I am gutted and feel terrible for letting down our amazing Scottish fans.
"I hugely regret it and want to say sorry... to everyone we disappointed. I hope we can make it up to you all in some way and we will look at how to do that in the near future."