The great character of Sherlock Holmes has flexed his mind with many an actor - the beguiling Benedict Cumberbatch on the small screen and the rough and ready Robert Downey Jr at the cinema to name but a few. But there has never been an insight into Sherlock after the mind has gone until now with Sir Ian McKellen tackling the great detective at the ripe old age of 93 in this new film, Mr Holmes.

Mr Holmes
Sir Ian McKellen plays Sherlock Holmes as most have never seen him before

In 1947, old man Holmes has removed himself from London to live as a recluse in a farmhouse in Sussex tending to his bees.

As he tries to busy himself amongst less difficult tasks, he is plagued by one final case that he was unable to solve.

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But, with the keen interest of his housekeeper’s young son, can this once great man find his youthful momentum and crack the uncrackable?

The film uses flashbacks, similar to the books, to reveal events of the past in his rooms at Baker Street and on a trip to Japan.

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Mr Holmes was previewed at the Berlin International Film Festival in February and sparked excitement for its UK-wide release on June, 19.

If you can’t wait until June, take a sneak peak at the teaser trailer.