Along with being both Gandalf and Magneto, as well as one of the most celebrated actors of his generation, it turns out Sir Ian McKellen is also a scrambled egg expert. In a video uploaded to his Facebook page the actor has shared how he makes the perfect scrambled eggs and we must say they do look delicious!

Ian McKellenIan McKellen could teach you a thing or two about making scrambled eggs.

In the video the 76 year old star of Mr Holmes shares the tips he learnt from his stepmother Gladys on how to make the breakfast staple. The actor begins by revealing that he neither mixes his eggs first nor uses the standard frying pan.

Letting us know that our eggs “can be as dry or as moist as you want them to be.” McKellen begins by combining three eggs and a free pour of half and half and butter, as well as a good amount of pepper and a dash of salt into a sauce pan.

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“Keep stirring. Break up the yolk and get it all going,” the actor instructs, adding that he prefers to use a wooden spoon. The 76 year old also takes the time to remind us that we can, “Listen to the radio or talk to your beloved,” while preparing the dish.

The secret to the McKellen method is really to keep stirring, thus creating the creamiest eggs. Another key point is his use of a saucepan rather than the tradional frying pan which he says forces the eggs to cook too quickly.

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Once your eggs are looking good it’s now time to toast your bread and the actor has one more tip, “Never wrap up toast because the water vapor will stay inside and allow the toast to go limp” he warns.

Then its just time to butter your toast and spoon your scrambled eggs on top, before enjoying this breakfast worthy of an acting legend. “Lovely,” McKellen says before enjoying his dish. “Cheers. Happy breakfast!”