The Vicious stars hit the streets just days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s historic marriage equality ruling, which allows gays and lesbians in all 50 states to wed, and the breakthrough was on both thespians' minds.

Jacobi said, "I’m in a 38-year relationship with my civil partner, but I want to, someday soon, to get married. It’s such an advance, I think it’s extraordinary that we’ve come this far."

Fellow Brit MCKellen added, "The thing about the Supreme Court is that it doesn’t lead the way; it actually confirms what’s already been happening.

"We’ve lived through a time in our country where it was illegal to be gay or have sex with somebody you loved; it condemned you as a criminal. The advances are huge. But you can’t have had that law in the statute books well within our lifetime and not leave behind a lot of people who think the old law was the right thing.

"It’s exciting because when you say gay people should get married if they want to, you know you’re right. There’s no argument about it."

And the Lord of the Rings star felt sure this year's Pride parade would be extra special because of the Supreme Court ruling, adding, "It’s a thrilling occasion, just to be with so many of your own kind in a celebratory way. And of course, there will be one or two people, whatever age or gender, watching the march, thinking, ‘I like this', and changing their lives for the better."