Ian McShane is super laidback when it comes to acting. So much so, that he's totally unapologetic about spoilers, as proven by his latest interview. He reacted to 'Game Of Thrones' fans' anger over his recent slip-up with disdain, branding the TV series as 'only t**s and dragons'.

Ian McShaneIan McShane has something to say to GoT fans

The 'Deadwood' star has managed to offend literally the entirety of one of the world's most avid fandoms. Clearly not a die hard fan of the show himself, McShane opened up about his one-episode stint in 'Game Of Thrones' recently on BBC Breakfast. 'I bring back a much-loved character who everybody thinks is dead', he said, which is hardly as ambiguous as he meant it to be.

Of course, fans were up in arms, speculating that he's confirmed the whole 'Jon Snow is alive' mystery. Still, while that's likely the truth behind it, it is still only speculation. And anyway, we all know that he's probably coming back, right? It's got to the point where we'd be surprised if it turns out he IS really dead.

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McShane has no sympathy for those who have criticised his big mouth. 'You say the slightest thing and the internet goes ape', he told the Telegraph. 'I was accused of giving the plot away, but I just think get a f***ing life. It's only t**s and dragons.' So there you go.

He's also suggested that he will most probably die after his episode, given the fact that he's not due to return in any future episodes (well, definitely not now after the whole 'only t**s and dragons' thing) which suits him fine. 'I wasn't sure whether I could commit, but then they said it would only be for one episode, so I said, 'So that means I must die at the end of it. Great, I'm in'', he said.

He will appear in the first episode of season 6 on April 24th 2016.