Ian Somerhalder is ready to be a father.

The 'Vampire Diaries' actor - who married Nikki Reed in May following a whirlwind romance - is looking forward to having children and is enjoying ''practicing'' making babies with his wife.

Asked if he's ready for children, he told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Oh, hell yes! Absolutely.

''You know, it's all about practice... It's not practice makes perfect - it's perfect practice.

''It's the most incredible thing to be happy and secure in something.

''It's a pretty crazy time and place to bring a child into this turbulent and insane world -- but I really can't wait to do it and really just love it.''

While Ian and Nikki are excited about having children, the couple - who already have nine pets - recently discussed their plans to add to their household by adopting a pig once they are more settled.

Nikki said: ''We talk about pigs all the time. I'm sure in the near future when we move our life back to the west coast; we will probably end up with a couple rescue pigs.''

Ian added: ''We're going to probably rescue a pig that needs rescuing.''