Rapper/actor Ice Cube was more than a little amused when his XXX2: STATE OF THE UNION director was arrested as part of a transgender prostitution sting last year (06) - because he never liked the guy. The IT WAS A GOOD DAY hitmaker admits he and Lee Tamahori constantly "bumped heads" while they made the 2005 action movie, and he found the director's embarrassing arrest a real giggle. Ice Cube says, "What was cool is after we finished the movie I read in the paper that he got arrested on Santa Monica Boulevard, dressed like a transvestite, so (it was) poetic justice." Tamahori, who also directed James Bond movie Die Another Day, was arrested on a sex charge in Los Angeles last January (06), while wearing a black dress and a wig. He was charged with prostitution and loitering, apparently after he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover cop for cash. Tamahori accepted a plea deal to escape prostitution charges.