Ice Cube thinks Iggy Azalea makes ''dope songs''.

The 'Check Yo Self' hitmaker has defended the 'Fancy' rapper amidst rumours she doesn't write her own tracks.

He told the Daily Mail Australia: ''She make dope songs, that's what it is all about.

''It's not about how the song gets made, it's about what comes out of the speaker. If she can be hot coming out of the speaker, who cares what it took to make it.

''It's a difference between a rapper and an MC. Some MCs are battle rappers and they need to write their own lyrics but if you are just rapping out there, songs by committee have been the history of music.

''Every great song that you hear has probably been put together by a few people, not just one soul.''

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old beauty previously insisted her haters make her ''relevant''.

After being criticised for joining Demi Lovato on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards, she wrote on Twitter: ''who cares it shows im very relevant in their lives still. im flattered. hahaha (sic)''.

She later added: ''Its funny to see i was trending WW [worldwide], man. haters got SO MUCH to say. I was only on stage 30 seconds! Wait till my new s**t drops, its 4 mins long! hahahahahaha....

''its really tough to stick by someone when the ''cool'' thing is to hate on them. thanks to everyone who made the choice to stand by me. (sic)''