Jackson, Jr., who is the son of rapper Ice Cube, fears he has been unfairly targeted by cops, but his famous family connections got him out of trouble - even though his father wrote and performed the N.w.a. anti-authority anthem F**k Tha Police.

He tells Dailymail.com, "We've (my brother and I) been harassed and profiled but then when they read 'Jackson, Jr' on my ID they shape up a little bit and then you can lawyer up a little bit on them and they tend to let you go. It's always extremities when you are a young black male dealing with law enforcement."

His father, who worked as a producer on his son's film, alongside fellow former N.w.a member Dr Dre, also claims he has been treated differently by police, despite his celebrity status.

He adds, "When you have money they treat you a lot different. But that being said that doesn't mean I can't be like, 'I'm fine'. I think when you are in a position like this you need to be able to speak for people who are not in this position, who can't speak to the world. I think it's my duty in the world to speak up... We love good police. We love good police that protect us and treat us like citizens, the other we could do without.

"The best thing we can do right now is of course try to prosecute any officers that step over the line but now it's all about public shame. It's all about recording it and putting it up on the internet, hopefully we can get the next officer to think twice before he violates somebody's rights or life."

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre's police encounters as young rap wannabes are chronicled in Straight Outta Compton, which recently became the most successful music biopic of all time.