Ice T was disrespected by his own wife, Coco, when pictures of her canoodling with another rapper (AP.9, from Mob Figaz) were obtained by MediaTakeOut.

It’s bad enough finding out your wife has been somewhat less than faithful to you, but finding out because there are pictures of your wife humiliating you, all over the internet? Well, that’s got to be pretty galling, huh?

Coco was quick to apologise, according to E! Online (though, presumably, only after the pictures went online). As with all the best celebrity relationship feuds, this one was played out on Twitter, where Ice T sought refuge in order that he may defend his honour. He has since deleted the pictures that he took, after posting messages such as “Don't get it twisted, I'm not happy about this s—t… Most of [the pics are] disrespectful and in bad taste. She's made me look and feel like s--t.” And Coco responded by saying “Ice is right,the pics I took with this man were in poor taste & I disrespected my husband however the pics were the only thing that happened… I feel so sad,the bottom line is I love Ice & I can understand why he's upset theres no excuse for my actions.I'm so sorry baby & to everyone.”

It’s a heart-warming thought, isn’t it? Two halves of a celebrity couple, sat in opposite wings of the mansion, tapping away at their smart phones, trying to tweet their relationship better…