The hip-hop veteran, real name Tracy Marrow, reveals medics predicted Austin's body would take 12 months to adjust after deciding to stop taking the contraceptive pill, so they were stunned when a pregnancy test came back positive just weeks later.

The dad-to-be, 57, explains, "She wanted to have a baby when she turned 35. She's been on the pill for 17 years and people are like, 'Why is she on the pill when she wants a baby?'. I'm like, 'She knows when she wants a baby', so when she went to the doctor, they said, 'OK, when you get off the pill it's gonna take a year to get pregnant.' She's pregnant in two months! I told her I can make a baby through a brick wall! Not a problem!"

The couple wed in 2001 and the child will be its first together.

Ice-T already has two adult children from previous relationships - daughter Letesha Marrow and son Tracy Marrow, Jr.