Rapper Ice-T refuses to perform in Milan, Italy after starting a riot there during a gig with his punk band Body Count.

The Cop Killer hitmaker lost his cool when bandmate Ernie C was showered with spit at the concert and decided to track down the culprit.

Ice-T recalls, "Over there in the punk days they would spit on people... but that ain't (sic) Ok with me... so I'd tell the Italians, 'Everything's cool, stage dive but do not spit on me'.

"We went off for our encore and I looked over and Ernie had spit just hanging all off of him and I said, 'Who's doing it?' and he pointed the guy out and so I went out and said, 'Hey, put your hands in the air', and I socked him in the face and started a riot.

"We were scared for our lives."