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7th June 2016

Quote: "Coco loves to dance. She gets a little buzzed and I watch her dance and I get a little horny. Then we get in the car and we get more horny and we come home and we have jungle sex." Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T reveals sex with his wife Coco Austin is hotter than ever now she's a mum. The model gave birth to the couple's daughter Chanel Nicole in November (15).

30th November 2015

Tweet: "Can I just say though... My nipples feel like they are gonna fall off they're so raw from breastfeeding ‪#‎NewMommyproblems‬". Rapper/actor Ice-T's wife Nicole 'coco' Austin is struggling with the pain of breastfeeding after giving birth to her first child, daughter Chanel Nicole, on Saturday (28Nov15).

18th September 2015

Tweet: "Kanye's fashion show stuff looks like future Slave gear to me... Just sayin." Ice-T is not a fan of Kanye West's new X Adidas Originals Collection, which the Gold Digger hitmaker launched at New York Fashion Week.

10th August 2015

Fact: Rapper/actor Ice-T and his pregnant wife Coco Austin would have named their first child Titan if she was a boy. The couple is expecting a baby girl, tentatively named Chanel. The mum-to-be explains, "Actually we came up with two names - a guy's name and a girl's name - 10 years ago so we already had it planned. I didn't want to name her Coco because I feel like that's giving her too much of my identity. So I was like, 'Let's go close to Coco and we'll name her Chanel'."

10th August 2015

Quote: "I think all women should (submit to their husbands). I'm a slave to him... Fifteen years, I'd say it's worked out." Pregnant model and reality TV star Coco Austin likes to let her man, rapper/actor Ice-T, take charge at home.

4th August 2015

Quote: "I'd like to get Barack Obama after he gets outta the White House, so he can come in a Wu-Tang (Clan) T-shirt and just tell me what's really going on." Rap star Ice-T on his dream talk show guest. The Cop Killer hitmaker launched his new show, Ice and Coco, with his wife Coco Austin on Monday (03Aug15).

4th August 2015

Quote: "My boobs are getting bigger... I used to go, like, bra-less and I can't go bra-less anymore; it's too heavy." Rapper Ice-T's pregnant wife Coco Austin is struggling with the weight of her breasts. The busty reality TV star is over five months pregnant with the couple's first child, a baby girl.

3rd August 2015

Fact: Rapper/actor Ice-T and his wife COCO AUSTIN are expecting a baby girl. The couple announced the sex of its first child on the premiere episode of its new U.S. talk show, Ice and Coco, which aired on Monday (03Aug14), and on the show, which was taped on 24 July (15), the parents-to-be revealed they will call the tot Chanel. Austin is due to give birth in December (15). Ice-T is already a dad to two adult children from previous relationships.

31st July 2015

Fact: Veteran rapper/actor Ice-T gave fans a laugh on Thursday (30Jul15) by dubbing over scenes from beloved children's cartoons Care Bears, The Smurfs, and Dora the Explorer as part of a comedy segment on America's THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON. For one Care Bears scene, the star, who was known as a gangster rapper at the height of his music career, covered lines for Grumpy Bear, saying, "Yo, yo, yo, why don't you all quit your moaning and check this. I turned this Rumba into a bomb."

31st July 2015

Fact: Rapper/actor Ice-T brought two special guests with him for his interview on America's THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON on Thursday (30Jul15) - his two pet bulldogs, Spartacus and King Maximus.

27th July 2015

Tweet: "We want to say ThankYou to everyone for the overwhelming LOVE you are sending us! We appreciate you." Veteran rapper/actor Ice-T is grateful for fans' support after confirming he and wife Coco Austin are expecting their first child together.

27th July 2015

Tweet: "Oh s**t! The news is out. YES. We're having a baby. We announced it on the Ice&Coco Talk Show taping Friday... That show will air August 3rd." Rapper/actor Ice-T confirms the news he and his wife COCO AUSTIN are expecting their first child together.

20th April 2015

Fact: Rappers Ice-T and The Game will headline the inaugural Art of Rap Music Festival in July (15). The rappers will take the stage alongside Rakim, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, Melle Mel, Kurtis Blow, Slick Rick, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Warren G in California on 18 and 19 July (15), according to The festival will also feature performances from break dancers and graffiti artists.

27th February 2015

Quote: "Boring. It could've been on (children's network) Nickelodeon...! I went to see it with Coco (wife). She had read the books and she said it was boring... I wanted to see what all the women were talking about... Maybe I could have learned some moves...! I went to see Fifty Shades of Grey, and it just kept building up... It's kinda like the show Lost; you think something's gonna happen so you keep watching it (but nothing happens). Fifty Shades of Grey, that's nothing. One shade of black, that's all you need!" Veteran rapper/actor Ice-T was not impressed with the anti-climatic ending to erotic thriller Fifty Shades Of Grey.

27th February 2015

Quote: "They're all crooks to me... People (are) always telling me, like, 'Ice, why don't you get into politics?' I'm like, 'I got out of crime'." Rapper/actor Ice-T is convinced all politicians dabble in criminal activity.

8th August 2014

Tweet: "I almost died on that stage today! I think my brain boiled! Toooooo hot!" Rapper Ice-T struggled through his Bodycount show in Oklahoma on Thursday (07Aug14) as temperatures soared.

24th June 2014

Quote: "People were so worried about it, she actually went to the doctors and they were sonogramming it, looking at it, poking at it... When people see something they can't believe, then they go, 'It has to be fake...!' But it's real. I told her if she had implants I would have blew (sic) them out by now." Rapper Ice-T insists his wife Coco Austin's big butt is all real.

13th June 2014

Fact: Ice-T regrouped his thrash metal band Body Count for a show in New York on Thursday night (12Jun14). The group even performed their controversial Cop Killer during the set at Gramercy Theatre.

13th June 2013

Quote: "I'm not David Copperfield but I'm telling jokes, I'm juggling, whatever it takes... a little slight of hand. I pulled a couple of quarters out. Basic stuff you can learn in a comic book." Rapper/actor Ice-T used magic tricks to woo his wife Coco.

18th March 2013

Fact: Rapper/actor Ice-T hosted a birthday party for his wife Coco in New York City on Thursday night (14Mar13). The star treated his partner to a pink cake and a performance of his hits during the bash at Manhattan venue Greenhouse.

19th December 2012

Fact: Rapper Ice-T is executive producing an upcoming documentary examining the tumultuous life of legendary Chicago pimp Robert 'iceberg Slim' Beck and his reinvention as a groundbreaking author. Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp is set to be released next spring (13).

11th December 2012

Fact: Rapper-turned-actor Ice-T is making a guest appearance in the upcoming 30 Rock series finale. The hit Tv comedy, starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, will come to an end after its current seventh season and the last ever episode will air in the U.S. on 31 January (13).


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