Idina Menzel worried about her New York accent in ‘Disenchanted’.

The 51-year-old actress was born in Manhattan and played the part of fashion designer Nancy Tremaine in 2007 Disney movie 'Enchanted' - which sees her character move from the live-action Big Apple to the animated land of Andalasia when she falls in love with Prince Edward - and explained that her character had been on a pretty "drastic change" as she returned to the role in the sequel 'Disenchanted."

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and other assembled media outlets, she said: "Mine is a pretty drastic change. I go from this, you know, cynical New York chick, and then I jump down a portal or a manhole and then I come out like, and so it was so much fun for me. And the challenge for me, well, not even the challenge. So then, just kinda figuring out the balance. Adam [Shankman, director] and I would talk, I'd say, 'How much of my New York accent do I still have [laugh] coming from Andalasia?"

However, the former 'Wicked' star - who features in the new Disney movie alongside the likes of Amy Adams, James Marsden, and Patrick Dempsey - added that once she had put her character's regal corset on, it became an "easy journey" for her on set.

She said: "How much is this much is this idyllic, romantic, beautiful perfect place rubbed off on me?" And then, you know, putting on the corset and all that just, it was an easy journey for me."

'Disenchanted' is now available to stream on Disney+