If you’re looking for a real life version of Elsa from Frozen, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone better than Anna Faith Carlson. The 18 year old from Florida has quickly become a viral sensation thanks to her uncanny resemblance to the popular Disney princess. But what does the future hold for the living, breathing version of Elsa, really, what are the career options for a real life Disney princess?

FrozenElsa and Anna, the animated versions

Anna Carlson looks like Elsa from Frozen, this is pretty much an indisputable fact and something which the young model is all too well aware of. Anna was the one who first noticed the resemblance when she sat down to watch Frozen for the first time last December. "Every time I watch [the movie], it's weird because it's like I'm watching myself. It's kind of creepy,” she told the Orlando Sentinel newspaper. As creepy as watching the movie might be, Anna has no problem with exploiting her Elsa resemblance for a few thousand likes on Instagram. Her profile is full of pictures of herself dressed as the Disney character and she even went to her high school prom in full Elsa garb! But she’s also been putting her unique claim to fame to good use, by visiting sick children at Florida hospitals and performing a special rendition of ‘Let it Go’, the film’s famous song. To add extra authenticity to her act, she’s even recruited her actual sister, Lexie Grace, to perform with her playing Elsa’s sibling in the movie.

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Of course the obvious job opportunity for Anna is at role at Disney’s Florida theme park, where she could spend all day greeting Frozen fans as Elsa. But despite living in Florida and it all seeming like a great coincidence, Anna has no plans to take the theme park gig if it was offered. She told Fox that working for Disney, “isn’t really great money.” Adding, “It’s $12 an hour and the whole round trip to Disney would be 3 hours a day. If I moved to Orlando that would be different.” The 18 year old currently resides in Dayton Beech, a few hours north of Orlando.

But before discovering online fame as the human Elsa, Anna had been working as a model although her real ambition is to become an actress. In another great coincidence, Elsa is about to become a character in season four of ABC’s Once Upon A Time and who better to fill the role than Anna? Seizing the opportunity, the teen has now started a viral campaign to get the attention of ‘Once Upon A Time’ producers and hopefully land herself the part of Elsa. She told Hollywood Life, "If I got an audition, I could show them two sides of Elsa. On 'Once Upon A Tim'e she was a bit of a villain, but I could show her other side - that she's trying to protect everyone. I have a couple skits I could show them - and I could sing, too!" Anna is asking asking her Instagram fans to "re-gram" her photos with the hashtag “#AnnaAsElsa" to help draw attention to her campaign.

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Anna has also stated that she wishes to be “a role model for children,” when she eventually realises her goal of becoming a fully fledged actress and model. We can only wish Anna luck and hope that when the Frozen buzz dies down it doesn’t mean the end of her budding career. As fun as it is to play dress up as Elsa, can you really live the rest your life as a Disney princess? Probably not, but for now Anna seems to be having fun bringing Elsa to life, so who knows where it will all eventually lead for the young lookalike.