Idris Elba may officially be the Sexiest Man Alive, according to People magazine, but apparently that doesn’t mean he’s due the respect of having a doll-maker pay the faintest attention to what he actually looks like, after a ridiculous attempted likeness of the ‘Luther’ star went viral this week.

The supposed lookalike doll is manufactured and designed by British company Emperis, and features a sleek three-piece-suit, blue jeans and brown shoes.

However, what caught the attention of everybody was just how stunningly unlike Idris Elba the actual doll is. For starts, the doll is bald – which Elba quite obviously isn’t – and sports some pretty thin and evil-looking facial features.

Emperis, founded in 2010, claims it manufactures “the only handcrafted ball joined doll that is not only designed but also made in England” and insists it has invested a lot of time into their dolls to a standard that they are happy with.

“We believe that each new design should lead you into a world of imagination.”

Try again please, guys.

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No comment yet from rumoured James Bond star Elba regarding the doll.

The not Idris Elba doll went up for sale earlier this month, and despite the howlingly obvious and insulting inaccuracies and the fact it costs £850 (EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS!!!!), sales have apparently been healthy for Emperis. Presumably among people who’ve never actually seen ‘Luther’.

Having gone viral over the last week, fans have been arguing over whom it actually looks more like. One fan claims it resembles Samuel L Jackson’s character Frozone from The Incredibles, while others say it looks like ‘Weeds’ star Romany Malco.

For our money, it’s the evil Hood from ‘Thunderbirds’.

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