Idris Elba faced ''homelessness once''.

The 44-year-old actor has admitted at one point in his life he had to find another place to stay the night because he did not have a home to go to.

Speaking to TimeOut magazine, he said: ''I faced homelessness once, and it just seems bizarre that young people are getting into this perpetual cycle. This is England, Great Britain, we shouldn't be facing that. ''

This news comes after the British heartthrob spoke out about housing at the Shelter benefit with rapper Skepta.

He added: ''I've got a passion and I turned up to say: 'Skepta's here, support the cause.'''

And the 'Lither' star has admitted his busy work schedule means he is constantly on the road, and he is unable to enjoy sitting down to tuck into a lavish meal.

When asked about his favourite London hotspot, he said: ''I haven't been out for f**king ages. My favourite thing to at is steak and eggs, wherever I go. But I don't have a favourite restaurant, I tend to eat on the road a lot.''

Idris has recently wrapped up filming for 'The Dark Tower' and he has admitted he could never be the person who just ''lives to work''.

He explained: ''Making a living is making a living. But I don;t think I would've ever been the sort of person who just lives to work. I'd have had to break out. I'm inquisitive, I'd wonder what else is out there.''